Benefits of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Benefits of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

If you have a large lawn you will know what a chore it can be to mow. Grass grows very quickly and rapidly becomes untidy, especially at the time of year when we enter the warmer weather, and you will need to cut your grass regularly if you want it to look neat.

A ride-on mower is a must for anyone with a large lawn, as the hand-pushed variety will simply take too much effort and time. But, if you really want the best in manoeuvrability and efficiency, there is a type of mower that is relatively new to the domestic market: the zero turn lawn mower. You can find reviews of best zero turn lawn mowers for use in the garden here, and we reckon these are very useful.

Zero turn mowers are not a new invention – they have been used in larger municipal and commercial areas for some time – but only recently have machines been put on the market that are designed for domestic use. So, what is a zero turn lawn mower, and what advantages does it present over the standard ride-on mower?

What is a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

Zero turn refers to the fact that these mowers can effectively spin on the spot. Rather than your conventional ride-on mower that you turn as you would any vehicle, the zero turn can turn through 180-degrees wherever it may be. This gives you many advantages over a standard mower.

You can flip around and check your lines are straight, you have a full all-round view at all times, and you can work in tighter spaces than with a normal mower.  You may also find that many zero turn mowers are operated not by a steering wheel, but by controlling bars that steer the left and right rear wheels and control the forward and rearward motion. This method of control gives excellent agility and is preferred b many users.

With a front-mounted cutting deck, you will find that you also have greater ability to mow in awkward spots close to trees and bushes and so on, so you get a better finish all-round.

Time and Effort Saved

The time and effort you save using a regular ride on mower will be further extended when you try a zero turn mower for the first time. This is by far the most effective and efficient method of keeping a large lawn in trim, and it’s also great fun! These mowers are easy to use and come with a number of safety features, and when you start to compare prices, you’ll also find they are not expensive.

If you have a large area of grass that needs regular attention, this is the way to go. A zero turn mower will make your life much easier, and you’ll find the finish it provides for your lawn is something very impressive indeed.