Leeds in Business

Leeds in Business

“Do you talk about business during dinner or do you wait until after you have eaten your meal? The slightest things can really offend people,” says Donna Thomas, Travel Consultant. Apart from planning the flight, checking the itinerary and scheduling meetings, international travel to Leeds on business also involves a bit of research on the way things are done there.

Accommodation can be an important aspect of your trip and you need to find a place that is well connected. Consider 4 star hotels in Leeds like the Holiday Inn Express Leeds East, from where you can travel around the city conveniently. Situated near Headingly Stadium and Leeds University, you get a chance to explore the bars, pubs and bistros as well when you stay here.

Top 5 Tips for a Business Meeting in Leeds

  1. Stay Connected: The British are high on technology and Leeds is no different. Use technology for your business presentations. Make sure you take the relevant chargers and adaptors to use your gadgets there. Choose hotels with Wifi in Leeds to stay connected, this will also minimise you cellular roaming costs.
  1. Seek Information on Culture: You will find that people take patriotism seriously here. Although they are not big on small talk, they love to hear that you appreciate the heritage of their city. Learn a few things about Leeds and you can even go visit places like the Roundhay Park, Royal Armories and Leeds football club on Elland Road, before your business meeting.
  1. Communication Matters: English is the language that is predominantly spoken here and it is highly unlikely that your business colleagues will speak another language. On the other hand, with influences of the northern Yorkshire accent, so you might find some linguistic difficulties here. If your English capabilities are not up to the mark, you might want to find an interpreter. The best 4 star hotels in Leeds are situated near the Leeds Metropolitan University; you can consider finding a university student proficient in English and your native tongue to act as an interpreter if no one can accompany you from your organisation.
  1. Punctuality: In general, the British value punctuality for business arrangements. Although the city has a well connected public transport system, you might get lost if you are new to the system. Find hotels with parking in Leeds, so that you can rent a car to travel around the city and reach on time. The Leeds Town Centre will help you with directions maps in case you need one.
  1. Value etiquette: Following business etiquette is highly recommended. Although they do not expect you to know everything and are very open minded, it is best not to offend them. For example, they value fairness and therefore will not take bribery lightly, and gift giving is not always encouraged. Also, they appreciate it if you stick to formal attire. During business meals, the golden rule is to follow the lead of your host. Not many might find it appropriate to discuss business over a plate of food!

If you are new to the country, wouldn’t it make sense to explore the city at least a bit before your trip’s inevitable end? So, take the opportunity to see a bit of the city before you leave, you will find that the English are a very jovial lot outside the boardroom.


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