How to Travel London with Elderly Parents

How to Travel London with Elderly Parents

A trip to London could be one the best gifts you can ever give your parents. However, considering the age of your parents, you should take some precautions. Remember that health risks increase with age. Planning is the key to success here.

Ideally, you should start by planning your accommodation. The location of the hotel could mean the different between a comfortable tour and a not-well-organised trip. Staying at hotels in London Victoria like Sidney Hotel London Victoria would be a great idea. This allows your travel around the city conveniently, using public transport options, such as, bus, train, tube, and taxi.

Tips on Planning a London Tour with Elderly Parents

Do a thorough research over the internet to keep yourself well informed about the travel routes, transport options, places to see and things to do in London. You should book a hotel and air tickets well in advance. Nowadays, you can easily compare and book your tickets online. In some cases, you can even get discounts and special offers. Here are some useful tips.

  • Prepare documents – As part of your preparation for the tour, be sure to keep all travel documents handy. If your parents do not have a passport, you may need to apply at least two or three months before the travel date. Also, check whether they have identity cards, driving licence, and insurance documents in place. It could be troublesome to travel abroad, without the necessary documents.
  • Pack all essentials – Since you will travel with your elderly parents, you may need to pack some additional items. Make sure that you do not forget to pack the essentials like medicines. Remember that the medicines that are easily available in your home country may not be found in a foreign land. One good idea would be to get travel insurance, so that you can travel worry free.
  • Create a travel itinerary – London is dotted with a number of tourist attractions. It is important to choose what you want visit. When creating a travel itinerary, make sure that you plan wisely. The idea is to visit all the nearby places at one go. This saves you from the hassles of travelling too much. If you choose to stay at a cheap and budget hotel in London Victoria, you will find many attractions at a stone’s throw. Some important ones include Queen Elisabeth Conference Centre, Passport Office, Buckingham Palace, Belgrave Road, Harrods, Pimlico Underground Station, Royal Albert Hall, London Eye, and Gatwick Express.
  • Check weather conditions – Plan your itinerary depending on when you are planning to travel. London offers some season specific tourist attractions. For instance, if you are coming in the winter, you can attend a number of winter festivals. Moreover, indoor locations are preferred for the winter. On the other hand, if you travel during the summer, you can plan visiting more outdoor locations like Key Gardens and Kensington Roof Gardens.

You should also check with your hotel to know whether they provide all necessary facilities. As you will be travelling with your elderly parents, you cannot compromise on the comfort and convenience of your stay. Cheap & Budget Hotels in London Victoria usually offer all usual amenities, such as, air conditioned rooms, hygienic bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities, hot water, free Wi-Fi and many more.


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