How to Keep your Kitchen Looking Fresh Without Using Dangerous Chemicals That Harm The Environment

How to Keep your Kitchen Looking Fresh Without Using Dangerous Chemicals That Harm The Environment

Spring is almost upon us and, with the best of intentions, we all look forward to recovering from the winter with a cleaning frenzy. Ok, two days in we are wondering why we even started. It didn’t look that bad did it?

Our kitchen is a room that suffers quite badly from the rigors of winter. We have to keep the windows closed because of the cold, we may be cooking more hot meals than in the summer. It all adds to a layer of grime that you will lose sleep over if you don’t do something about it.

Here’s a few handy hints to help you get your kitchen sparkling again using more friendly cleaning ingredients than those nasty harsh chemicals in the shops.

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A lot of the grime on your walls from chip pans or constant boiling of vegetables can be lessened by simply having adequate extraction or ventilation. Be aware though, if you find water is beading on your walls and running down your windows you may have damp problems. Sometimes there are added complications and you should think about fixing condensation in the home by calling experts in.

The Power of the Lemon

A lemon in your arsenal is a powerful weapon. Containing acid it disinfects as it cuts through grease. Used as a fifty percent mix with water in a spray bottle and you can zip around your kitchen in no time at all. Lemon juice will make those chrome fittings sparkle like new.

Bicarbonate of Soda

A truly fantastic deodoriser, bicarbonate of soda has a myriad of uses in the kitchen as well as all over the house. Do you suffer from smelly waste bins? Try sprinkling a little bicarb in the bottom after you have washed and dried it. Same thing for the fridge. Soak those dishcloths in a soda and water mix to refresh them.


Vinegar is awesome on windows. Mix it with water in equal measures, clean the windows, and then polish off with dry newspaper. Smelly sink drains? Not anymore. Pour a cup of vinegar down your plug hole and leave it to do it’s magic for an hour or so. Boom! Clean and fresh drains. Vinegar is great for cleaning out your microwave. Put some vinegar in a bowl and use the microwave to boil it. The process steams off tough stains that can then be wifed up. Now that saves some elbow grease. Just having a pan of vinegar simmering on your stove can clear the kitchen of many lingering smells. Don’t put a lid on the pan though.


Bad for your heart and bad for grime. Salt is a great product for killing mildew. Mix with equal measures of lemon juice and form a powerful concoction. Sprinkle salt in those pans with burned on residue. After an hour or two, wash as normal. Clean your sink with salt and a little lemon juice.

So you can see, there really is no need to burn your skin off using bleaches and strong acid chemicals in the kitchen. Save a fortune by using the products we all have in our cupboards. Good for us and good for the environment. All these things were second nature to the generations before us. However, thanks to the power of marketing, the secrets have almost been lost in time. Rage against the machine and do your bit for future generations.

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