Exciting Flooring Ideas to Consider When Decorating Your Home

Exciting Flooring Ideas to Consider When Decorating Your Home

Summer will soon be here my friends. It’s time to dust off those decorating brushes and get ready for a whole new look. Out with the old and in with the new. Whether you live in a country cottage or a high-rise flat, you can brighten your outlook for the coming year, by brightening your home first. A fresh start we all need to reinvigorate ourselves sometimes. Some people find decorating to be a chore. However, some of us find it therapeutic and eagerly await our chance to demonstrate our paper hanging prowess.

Do you think your carpet is looking a bit threadbare, or the pattern on your lino’ has worn out? A new floor in conjunction with your new decor completes your room. But what style of flooring is for you?

We will take a look at flooring types for a few rooms in your home.


Wetness and condensation are your enemy here. Tiles are the obvious choice. If you have a wooden floor, you need to make sure it has no flex in it, or your grout and tiles will crack. Also, a moisture resistant sub layer will need to be installed over floorboards. Alternatively, try the latest in vinyl flooring. Easy to fit by the diy minded person and does an adequate job though is not as hard wearing.

Living Room

Traditionally, carpet comes into its own in the room that we lounge around in most. Warm and comfortable underfoot, carpet is the champion for me. There are so many hard wearing carpets, made from natural fibres, out there these days you will be spoiled for choice.

In a more modern living room, laminate flooring has become very popular. Laminate flooring makes life easier for allergy sufferers and pet owners, thanks to it’s easy clean nature.


How about trying real hardwood flooring in the bedroom and using opulent rugs to add a touch of warmth and sophistication. Natural and sustainable materials are always welcome to those with an eco conscience. As well from looking very attractive. There are hundreds of timbers to choose from and they scream quality.

Utility Room

A good strong floor is called for in the utility room as it houses heavy machinery. Many utility rooms also double up as a garden tool store and a place to dump any old thing. Maybe a good place for the thick vinyl tiles that are standard in new build houses.


As with the bathroom, tiles are usually the best choice here. A little cold underfoot when standing at the sink or cooker though. A great choice both in the kitchen and bathroom is stone look Karndean flooring, attractive, warm and hard wearing. Vinyl is also a good idea in the kitchen due to its ability to be mopped clean, and its water resistant properties.

As you can see, there are big decisions to be made when choosing a new floor. For each one of the products outlined here, there are thousands of variations and colours. The deciding factor for most of us is the cost. However, with your own style and a good eye for design there is no reason why you can’t get great results for a relatively reasonable price.

That new floor will be the crowning glory to your newly decorated room.


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