Ideas For Garden Paths That Make You Go Wow

Ideas For Garden Paths That Make You Go Wow

Britain is a nation of garden lovers. We spend much time pottering around in our back and front yards in an endless effort to keep the gardens neat and tidy. The economy benefits from our love of gardening too as we spent billions on new outdoor plants and landscaping materials.

What kind of garden path do you use to get to the far reaches of your land? Many people don’t have garden paths and a trip to the far side of the garden on a wet day results in muddy feet. If your garden is in need of a pathway, you will find a few ideas here that may help you come to a decision on which material to use. The choices are vast so maybe you have your own idea already. Read on and see if any of these methods will reinforce your decision.

A Log Path

If your back garden is mostly grassed over, cut logs are a great way to create a path through it without affecting the lawnmowers ability to cut the grass when it is due. This is probably the pathway that is kindest to the environment, as it uses natural materials that will decay over time. The logs are bought already cut into discs, or you could buy a big log and, using a chainsaw, cut your own. The choice is yours. To install them, simply lay them on the lawn in situ, and work around them with a knife, cutting the turf. Then lift the turf and soil to the correct depth. Drop the log in place and hey presto! Your new garden path is completed in no time at all.

A Concrete Path

When you think of concrete, it conjures up images of a plain grey surface that looks industrial and boring. Concrete paths, these days, don’t need to look that way. It can be coloured as it is mixed, and printed with a pattern using concrete products found online, so it will give the impression that the path is constructed of another material; brick, for example. The path will be hard wearing, weed free, and will last for many years.


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Crazy Paving

Don’t think of the horrible patios of the 1970’s and 80’s when considering crazy paving as an option for your garden. Yes, broken concrete paving slabs could be used but they are an eyesore in a beautiful garden. The crazy paving can be made of natural materials such as stone or slate that will age and blend into any garden naturally. As with the logs, these irregular shaped pieces could be sunk into a lawn, or laid together on a bed of mortar and turned into a more permanent feature by pointing the gaps.

A Decked Path

If decking is used to build patios, why not extend it for the length of the garden? It could easily have a twenty year lifespan if it is treated appropriately and good quality timber is used in the first place. You only get what you pay for with decking materials.

So there are some interesting materials to use in the garden, so paths do not need to be purely functional and boring. The path will enhance the beauty of the garden and stop it turning to mud in the winter from people walking on it in the wet. Build your path today and enjoy it.




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