How To Control The Temperature In Your Home Without Wasting Energy

How To Control The Temperature In Your Home Without Wasting Energy

If you’re environmentally conscious, it’s important that you do everything within your power to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home. While turning plug sockets off and making sure the fridge door is closed properly does make a difference, it’s usually altering the temperature in your property that uses the most electricity and gas. So, that’s precisely what we’re going to focus on throughout the course of this post. Believe it or not, there are many things you can do to stay comfortable without turning the heating or air conditioning on, and so you definitely want to pay attention to all the tips and advice below.


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I’ve been somewhat of an eco-warrior since the 1990s, and while I no longer spend my weekends in tree tops stopping large firms from damaging the environment, I still place a lot of emphasis on doing my bit. With that in mind, here’s all the information you’re ever going to need…

To Keep Warm:

  • Wear more layers – There’s a lot to be said for putting a jumper or sweatshirt on when you’re at home in the winter time, and this could limit the amount of time you need to have the boiler working. Most houses have lots of insulation, which is why you’re hardly ever freezing.
  • Put film on the windows – This is more to do with heat retention than anything else. You can pick up cheap window film online these days for next to nothing, and all you have to do is cut it to size, place it over your window frames and stick it in place using a hairdryer. My dad’s been doing this for years, and his heating bills are always tiny.
  • Keep doors shut – If you really do have to put the radiator on for a while, make sure you only use the one in the room where you’re based. You can go around the house and turn all the others off. So long as you keep the door shut, the room will stay warm, and so you should only have to use power for about half an hour.

To Keep Cool:

  • Open the windows – Many people have a fear or bugs and insects getting inside their property, but if you’re conscious about the environment, and you want to use the least electricity possible, opening windows (and even your back door) can make all the difference.
  • Use air conditioning sparingly – Just because you have residential air conditioning, that doesn’t mean you should have it switched on all day long. Remember this doesn’t work well with windows and doors open, and so if you really do have to switch it on, make sure you use it sparingly.
  • Get your shorts on – If it’s a hot summers day, you’re going to be sweltering in your jeans, and so opting to change into something lighter is always a good idea. Just make sure you don’t buy any shorts with flowers all over them, as the Hawaiian look doesn’t really suit people who aren’t on holiday.

Well folks, you’ve read the information, so now you should be in the best position to save money, and save the environment.

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