How to Deal with Mould in the Home

Mould is a common problem in homes across the country – and indeed the world – but what is it, what causes it, and how do you get rid of it? We’re going to try and answer all of those questions in this short article, so let’s start by explaining what mould is, and why it can be a major problem in homes and in other buildings.

What is Mould?

Mould is a fungus that grows in certain conditions – damp and moist conditions, and also dark rooms entice mould, hence it is prevalent in bathrooms – that can take a number of forms. For instance, if people talk about mildew, they are talking about a type of very common mould. Mould grows quickly, can cause wood that it infects to rot, and as it emits spores, can also have an effect on the health of the occupants, especially those that suffer from asthmatic conditions.

Mould is not a sign of a dirty house; it will grow – and indeed thrive – in even the cleanest conditions if the temperature, humidity and other conditions are right, but it is the sign that you have a problem. This is why you need it dealt with, and it is not enough to simply paint over the mould or scrape it away somehow, as it will most certainly return.

There are DIY methods of removing mould – clearing it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or strong bleach are two of these – but we strongly recommend you get the professionals in to do the job, or you could find that traces remain that you did not notice, and your mould problem starts all over again.

Finding a Professional

Why do we recommend a professional mould removal service provider rather than attempting it yourself? While some DIY attempts do work, they will only be successful if your case of mould is a minor one. Any more than that – for example if the mould has become established, widespread or is starting to cause rot – and you need a specialist who has experience in the field, and who has the right equipment and techniques to tackle your mould.

One such company with a reputation for professional service at sensible rates, working with clients across Victoria and New South Wales, is The Mould Doctor, and you can find their website at They have expertise in all types of mould removal, and can tackle anything from small patched that you need to attack before they expand, to more serious and troublesome mould infestations.

The Mould Doctor will attend your premises and assess the problem, then carry out the process of eliminating your mould in the most appropriate and effective way for the circumstances, with as little disturbance to you and your family as possible. Remember, mould – if left unattended – can have quite serious health implications and is not something you want in your home, so if you suspect mould around the house, get in touch with The Mould Doctor now and they will be more than happy to help.