Condo Amenities: What Do Buyers Want?

Condo Amenities: What Do Buyers Want?

There are many benefits to living condo style, not least the superb amenities laid on in the most impressive condo buildings. Things have come a long way in recent years with services extending from business lounges, lobby areas and even pet grooming facilities in the very best condos, so what amenities are buyers looking for these days?

First, they are looking for a great location, one that offers easy access to the city for work and play, and then they are looking for luxurious, unique additions within the complex that allow them to entertain, relax and live comfortably – and work, too, if it is required. Put simply, the modern condo resident is looking for the perfect place that has everything they need in-house, so they can stay in to enjoy themselves! Where can you find this?

Unique to San Diego

One of the most impressive of all the modern condo complexes that we have seen has to be SavinaByBosa Luxury Condo Amenities located in a prime spot in San Diego. Beautifully designed, superbly integrated and offering a new level of luxury living, this has to be one for your shortlist, and is a great example of what condo buyers want. The apartments themselves are a thing of beauty, with impressive open-plan, carefully considered design and the very finest finish.

Each comes with hardwood flooring in the living areas, and luxurious looped carpet in the bedrooms, plus internal doors are solid core, the entry door is a custom walnut design, and a full sized laundry closet with washer and dryer in place is part of the deal. A beautifully designed fully fitted kitchen is the perfect place to entertain your guests, bathrooms are simply stunning to look at and practical to use, and USB high speed fiber optic is pre-installed. But, it’s what surrounds your living area that makes SavinaByBosa so unique.

Central Pool and Integrated Leisure Space

Condo buyers want a bit more than just a nice place to live, and at SavinaByBosa you can’t help but be impressed by the central pool, complete with landscaped terrace, that offers the perfect place to settle back and relax, catch up with neighbors and invite friends for drinks. Then there’s the superbly designed lobby area, a welcoming space that is open and bright and the perfect place to meet people, or the fully equipped business lounge, ideal for when you have a meeting and don’t want to travel!

A fully-equipped fitness centre is a must for condo living, and SavinaByBosa has one of the highest order, while perhaps the most impressive touch is the wonderful social lounge, the perfect place to bring your friends for something to eat – unless they prefer the grilling stations on the pool terrace!

This is just a brief description of the stunning amenities that SavinaByBosa offers you, so why not have a closer look and pay a visit? We believe it to be the very best in condo living in San Diego, and perhaps anywhere in the USA.