This Is How to Pick the Right Color for Your Sofa

This Is How to Pick the Right Color for Your Sofa



A sofa is such a key part of a living room that it can be stressful to decide on the right color. The color and style of your sofa may also determine décor choices for rest of the living space. If you choose wisely, you may even be able to use the same piece in a variety of different décor schemes, depending on your mood and the setting.

One way to create a balanced color scheme is to match the sofa with the color of the walls of the room. Another is to buy neutral colors that don’t match too closely with the wall color or standing out too starkly from the room décor.

White or Black

White sofas can look elegant, classy, and timeless. They also pair easily with accessories. However, they also stain easily, and are the hardest to keep clean. Always buy a white sofa in a stain resistant fabric that can be easily cleaned. Black is another classic color that communicates a confident style.

Make sure that the floor under the sofa is not very dark as well or the sofa will be lost in the background. In such situations, sofas with metallic or lighter colored legs can help by adding a subtle pop of color. Black sofas can also darken a room, so it’s best to pair them with plenty of other colors, especially if the sofa is to be placed in a small room. They can also evoke mystery and calm.

Picking the right color is especially important if you’re interested in buying a new sofa for your condo because condos are usually smaller living spaces. The sofa color needs to match your unique condo space. For example, a loud sofa in a tiny living space will stand out more because it could be the solitary piece of furniture. Usually, a classy color is the best option when considering sofa colors for apartments in a condominium.

Neutral Tones

If it’s a new living space that you have just moved into, then you can upholster a showpiece sofa in a vivid color or a vibrant print, so it becomes the focal point of the room. If the room is already well-decorated, then it may be wise to find a sofa in neutral shades to support the existing décor, otherwise it will stand out too much. Neutral sofa colors include beige, grays and cream. Matching a neutral shade with a textured fabric can also add style to your living room.

Tan and Brown

Tan or brown sofas lend warmth and stability to a living space. They remind us of more traditional times, and they can anchor the room. Sofas in shades of brown range from light tans to dark chocolate browns. Brown sofas are also usually more stain resistant.

Blue or Green

Blue is a very versatile color and can be incorporated into many different decoration styles. It’s also a color that promotes serenity and calmness, reminding us of the sky or the ocean. Green is another natural color. It promotes a relaxing state of mind.

These are some interesting color options in sofas. Pick the one that speaks to you and your living space.