Five Fun Eco-Friendly Weekend Activities for the Entire Family

Five Fun Eco-Friendly Weekend Activities for the Entire Family

Adopting a greener lifestyle can be quite the challenge. Sure, it’s easy to learn how make eco-friendly changes when it’s just you to consider, but when it comes to convincing your entire family to change their lifestyle – it’s a whole different story.

Luckily, you can start small. Here are five fun and easy weekend activities you can do with your family – from hosting the perfect games night to finding treasure hunt clues for kids. Best of all, they’re all eco-friendly and great for the environment!

Exercise Your Green Thumb

Gardening is a great exercise and a fun DIY project at the same time. It’s also an activity the whole family can get involved in, whether you’ve got your own backyard or are heading to a community garden. There are different levels of difficulty as well, so you’ll find something for every age group to do. This could include planting vegetables, collecting fallen leaves, watering the plants or pulling up weeds. A great idea is to convert an old sandbox into a garden bed that your children are responsible for. Let them plant whatever they like – they’ll feel independent and even more passionate if they have their own project to look after.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great weekend adventure to embark on. Of course, this activity requires a little bit of preparation. If you’re new to treasure hunts, have a look online for information about creating the perfect treasure hunt clues for kids. Rhymes and riddles are always popular; just make sure to keep them age appropriate. For younger children, simply reading out a clue can be difficult enough! But even if you’ve already got your treasure hunt clues for kids ready, there are still some more things to consider, like whether you will do it indoors or outside (we recommend a nearby park or a garden if you have a big one) and what the prize will be.

Go Camping

Camping – the original green weekend activity! Camping might not sound as exciting to you, but we can guarantee it’ll feel like a great big adventure to your children. If the kids are still quite young, try camping in your garden first before going somewhere further away for the weekend. That way, you can get them used to the idea of sleeping in a tent and test the waters first.

Start an Art Project

The great thing about arts and crafts is that you won’t need any other material than what you’ve already got at home. It’s awesome for recycling leftover cardboard, old magazines, and paper – all you need is some glue, coloured pens, scissors, and you’re good to go. Old magazines are great for collage art, whilst old egg cartons can easily turn into little animals and fantasy creatures with some imagination.

Get Competitive

Board games don’t sound like the most exciting evening activity – but they can be so much fun if the whole family gets involved. The most important thing is to opt for a game suitable for your children’s age group. Scrabble is great if they are already quite confident at writing and reading, but if your kids are a little younger, you might have to choose something simpler. Uno or a memory game to train the brain are good choices for younger kids.