Five Apps to Keep Your Family Eco-Friendly

Five Apps to Keep Your Family Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking to create a safe and eco-friendly environment for your family, apps can help make things a little easier. We all live hectic lives, and being eco-friendly often means having to locate a different store to buy your lightbulbs or trying to explain to your kids often why they need to remember to recycle things. Becoming green can help not just you but also your family, your neighbors, and future generations of your family by saving important natural resources, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the time and energy to do so. Let these apps help you minimize your frustration and help you keep on track with your goals for eco-friendliness:

Light Bulb Finder — One way to cut costs on your home energy bill (and see the tangible effect of your green lifestyle!) is to change out your lightbulbs for ones that are more energy efficient. And yet, with all the different types pic1of lights that you have around your house, it can be frustrating trying to find lightbulbs that both fit the socket and don’t compromise the amount of light you get from the lamp (or the color of the lighting). Light Bulb Finder will allow you to input what you’re looking for and will give you a whole range of options—and even better, it will point you toward places where you can buy the bulbs you’ve selected. Now you can show up at the hardware store knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

PaperKarma — If you’re working to go green by minimizing your use of resources, it probably gets frustrating seeing the amount of junk mail you get every day. Sure, it’s all paper; you can recycle it, but what if there were a way to ensure that you could quit receiving mail from that sender again? Enter PaperKarma. The app is super user-friendly; all you have to do is snap a quick picture of the offending piece of mail and PaperKarma will make sure you’re taken off that mailing list. Unfortunately, this only works with mail that is specifically addressed to you, but it’s at least a start!

ExpressVPN — If you’re trying to stay green, you probably do a lot of your banking, bill-paying, and things such as these online rather than requesting paper copies of your documents, right? But when you’re dealing with personal information and account details that you don’t want anyone else to know, you have to be careful. You wouldn’t want a hacker to get their hands on your information and steal your identity! Using a VPN will help ensure that your personal information is contained in a tunnel between your computer and the site you’re accessing and thus isn’t subject to prying eyes. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice because it’s fast, secure, and easy to set up.

pic2FuelGood — Although we’d all like to diminish our personal carbon footprint, driving makes this difficult.  However, FuelGood will track how you drive, taking note of how far your go, how long it takes, and how many miles per gallon you burn. It will then compare your statistics to other drivers’ statistics and give you tips on how to drive more efficiently and save on fuel.

picJoulebug — Trying to get your kids interested in conservation as well? The Joulebug app treats going green like a game, offering badges for different green activities such as walking or biking instead of driving, using a reusable water bottle, and more. Not only will it give your kids an idea of how they can protect the environment in their day-to-day life, but between the badges and the points that they accumulate, they’re sure to have a lot of fun going out of their way to do things the greener way. As a bonus, the app makers claim that on average users save a couple hundred dollars per year!

It can sometimes be tricky to figure out what else we can do. While many of us might intend to go green, it can be difficult to actually implement habits when it’s often easier to do things the less environmentally-friendly way. With these five apps, you’ll be able to keep your family on track with your conservation and budget goals — without giving yourself a massive headache in the process!