Fantastic Benefits of Having a Metal Garden Trellis in Your Garden

Fantastic Benefits of Having a Metal Garden Trellis in Your Garden

Summer is looming, with just a couple of weeks to go until we enter the warmest and sunniest part of the year. Have you prepared your garden for the season ahead? Have you considered investing in a metal garden trellis to add a bit of drama and intrigue into your garden? Well, it might be time that you did. Besides offering an interesting structure for your climbing plants to hold, a metal trellis can also provide you with many benefits, the best of which we are going to discuss in the following post.

Security and Privacy

Do you want the benefit of fencing or a little privacy for your garden, without the closed in feel that solid wood or metal fencing can often give you? Then a metal trellis could provide you with the measure of privacy and security you need. Thanks to the stylish and creative designs there are available, a trellis has lots of gaps that allow light to enter and don’t have that same claustrophobic feel as fences, without allowing intruders to do so, if you have multiple trellis erected. It’s also hard for anyone to see into your garden, once you’ve got a firmly established metal trellis and climbing plants growing up it.

Space Saving

Are you looking to divide your garden up into different sections and areas? Perhaps to help make it easier to manage or just to make better use of the space you have in a larger garden? A trellis can be used as an attractive and effective barrier for compartmentalising your garden. You could even use some to border a specific part of the garden that you want to cordon off from the rest, perhaps to make it out of bounds to pets or your little ones.


Although it’s been noted, it bares repeating that a metal trellis will add an interesting bit of design to an otherwise ordinary garden. Even before plants start to climb and grow up, in and around the various cut-out sections of a trellis, a trellis will just look elegant and artistic.

You don’t have to stick to a very traditional-looking trellis either, as there are some awesome designs being produced.

Protection Against the Sun and Elements

The problem that comes from not having a full fence, while it stops you feeling claustrophobic, is you are more open to the effects of the natural elements. You may argue that you don’t really need protection from the sun, but what about when it gets just a little two hot? Having at least one or more metal trellis up in your garden can help to stop you feeling as if you are being baked alive in your own garden, while providing a barrier for some of the more harmful UV rays from the sun.

What about when the weather is less warm and beautiful? A metal trellis could help provide a degree of protection against wind, especially once you have a nice and strong clematis or some other climber entangled in it.