Advantages of Using PVC Wall Cladding

Advantages of Using PVC Wall Cladding

Did you know that of all plastics, that PVC is the most common after polypropylene and polyethylene? The reason for its popularity is largely down to the fact it can be used in a variety of ways. One way that’s especially noteworthy if you are refurbishing your home or a business property is in PVC wall cladding. PVC wall cladding can be used on both ceilings and walls. If you are weighing up your options for walls and ceilings in a building project you are planning, therefore, to help you see why you should choose PVC cladding, we are going to discuss some of the distinct benefits it brings in this post.

Quick Installation

Compared to tiling and other wall and ceiling finishes, PVC cladding can be installed in far less time. Sheets of PVC are often cut to size and then designed to slot together in a similar way to laminate flooring.

Does Not Need Grout

Following on nicely from the point above, because they are designed to slot together flush and perfectly, it means that there is no need for grout in the installation. As well as saving time when it comes to installing this wall covering, it also will save time and money in the long run when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. You won’t need to scrub or bleach the grout to get it looking as good as new. As a result, it’s also a more hygienic wall cladding because mould isn’t given the chance to develop, grow or even spread.

Obviously, this makes it a great choice for domestic applications, especially families. It’s also a great choice for businesses and commercial properties that require environments or rooms that are hygienically sensitive. This includes places used for catering, nurseries, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, saunas and gyms.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Further to the points made above, because PVC cladding has a smoother surface than other options it is easy to keep it free from bacteria and clean to a high standard. There are no crevices or cracks where germs can hide, meaning it only requires a non-abrasive kind of antibacterial cleaner, a soft cloth and some light work. Scrubbing is not required.

It’s Customisable

When people think of PVC wall and ceiling cladding, they often have the misconception that it must resemble something very clinical. Which is okay if you are working on a school, gym or hospital. However, this is less attractive if you are having it installed in your own home. The good news is that it doesn’t need to have that white, sanitised look as PVC cladding comes in a huge variety of colours.

So, even if you fancy having a yellow bathroom or a green kitchen using this wall covering, you can do it.


Finally, and crucial in our modern day and age where we are all trying to lead greener, more environmentally friendly lives, despite it being made from a form of plastic, PVC is incredibly recyclable. That means you can take it to a specialist recycling plant or centre, and it doesn’t need to be left to take up space on landfill.