Home Masonry or Hardscaping

The human eye is designed to be attracted to beautiful things. Often than not, any unpleasant site will automatically make the eye turn away. It is for this reason that many people are investing heavily in landscaping services.

Landscaping is the process of altering the perceptible features, which may include flora and fauna of a specific area of land. In layman’s language, landscaping is therefore the art and craft of growing flowers and other plants to beautify a specific space.

More people are moving away from landscaping in recent trends and are finding hardscaping to be more durable and requiring less maintenance than landscaping. Hardscaping is a hybrid of masonry and landscaping and can be done both outdoors and indoors. Hardscaping involves the use of stones, rocks, and cement to create beautiful landscapes, either for residential or commercial properties.

Most companies, such as abmason.com, offer different materials for hardscaping, such as flagstone, landscaping rocks, natural stone, blocks, and patio pavers.

Tips for Choosing the Best Masonry Material

  • If you are looking to construct a retaining wall or an excellent patio wall in your front or backyard, natural stones, and landscaping rocks will give you an attractive rustic look.
  • For patio walkways or surfaces, consider using natural stone, flagstone, and patio pavers.

Ways in Which Hardscaping Can be Used in Landscaping

Stone Walls

Whether you seek to construct a stone wall to provide shelter from cold winds, frame a garden, or define a property line, landscaping is the way to go. Stone walls can be constructed by stacking dry stones together without using an adhesive or you can use mortar to hold the stacked stones together.

Stone Steps

This is one of the most popular usages of stones in landscaping. Steps made of stones are usually considered durable and weatherproof. The beauty of stone steps is that depending on the design used, these steps can appear like they have been around for the longest time possible.

Stone Benches

If you are seeking to create an outdoor seating arrangement, think stone benches. Stone benches should be placed before a beautiful view, and they should have a solid structure to support them on the back for maximum sense of security.

Stone benches can either be simple or complex, depending on the desired design. Make sure that your stone seat is smooth not only on the top side but also on the underside so that it can be friendly and pleasant to sit on.

Dry Streams

If you have a drainage problem around your premises, worry no more. You can make use of stones to create dry streams. These stones can be placed at the end of a slope, or they can be placed on a raised place to help catch rainwater before it streams downhill.


Although, overtime, stones can be cracked, weathered, or made smooth by some elements, they still have a sense of permanency. Rocks don’t require much maintenance as compared to plants and flowers.

As such, if you have an empty, bare land, a wall, or a fireplace that you do not know what to do with, why not try some hardscaping to add some beauty to it? Transform it into something attractive, beautiful, and permanent with simple hardscaping.