Create a Green Life by Choosing Environment-friendly Lamps

Create a Green Life by Choosing Environment-friendly Lamps

As the concept of sustainable living becomes popular, many homeowners are looking for advice on making greener home décor, especially for choosing the lamps that suit their needs and pursuit. As professional lamps designer and producer, ParrotUncle is always ready to lead the way.

A new environment-friendly idea­— Vintage Industrial Lighting

With the approach of summer, more evening time will be spent in gardens, courtyards and more spacious outdoor space. Even if you have very delicately designed outdoor landscape, without proper lighting, it just looks like a beautiful lady without being nicely dressed up. Choosing right outdoor lamps for your outdoor space is something of great significance. One of the best options is hanging or installing vintage industrial lighting supposing that you have no idea about selecting the right style. Because this kind of lamps fit both modern and traditional home décor. It exempts the worry about buying the wrong lights.


Classical Pavilion Fixture Glass Shade Floor Lamp

It is unbelievable that vintage industrial lights are sustainable tools. However, it is true that the materials of these vintage industrial lights are recyclable. Scrap metals, old chains, ropes and wires can be reused when the lamps run out their lifespan. And they are fairly durable and sturdy. When matched with LED bulbs, these lights become energy-saving.


Vintage industrial lights can be placed both indoor and outdoor. If hanging such a pendant light in the kitchen, it casts special industrial glow with warmth and tranquility which make sure enjoyable cooking time. In the dining room, they are hung above our tables when we enjoy dinners with elegant atmosphere. In the balcony, a retro style wall sconce is the best way of creating a romantic and relaxing environment. So a private chat with family member or serene meditation would be great activities.


Industrial Style Iron Framed Glass Shade Wall Sconce
In a word, vintage industrial lighting is a new sustainable way to create a green home which can provide a special and classic flavor and bring you a sense of nostalgia.

Another way to enjoy green life—Wooden Lamps

In recent years, wood is widely used as the main material of home decoration, wooden chairs, wooden desks and wooden bookshelves. It’s not only the easiest way to bring natural element to homes, but also contributes in improving the environment quality. With the pursuit of better life, wooden-made items are gaining popularity. One of them is wooden lighting.


Modern Wood Ceiling Pendant Lighting Flashlight

By blending wood, such as Russia ash wood, old ship wood and rosewood with other materials, ingenious craftsmen constructed creative and novelty wooden lamps to fulfill the requirements of householders. Wood can all give off natural fragrance and clean the indoor air for the sake of health. In addition, the wooden themselves are environment-friendly.


Wooden Weave Ball Pendant Lighting Fixtures for Kitchen

The designers now use not only chunks of wood to make wooden lamps, but also wood chips, wood batten and even wood dust. The highly efficient use of wood avoids too much waste and brings out more inspiring shapes and designs. Wooden lights go well with both simple and complicated home décor. Impressing you warm and tender, they are charming and eye-protective.


Cylinder Wood Cage Shade Home Pendant Light

Adding natural and green elements to your home is always exciting and interesting. More green, more pleasure. Better lighting, better life.