6 Reasons Second-Hand Shops Are A Good Idea

6 Reasons Second-Hand Shops Are A Good Idea

You already knew that shopping at thrift, or second hand, stores was cheaper. In fact on average, pre-owned products are around 50% cheaper than brand new items. These savings can be used to save money for other important expenditures like that energy efficient vacuum cleaner you have been promising yourself.

Apart from cost-effective, what else makes them a good option?

  • One – The Thrill of the Hunt. When visiting a thrift store, you deal in the unknown. Searching flea markets and yard sales until you have finally found that must-have item at an unbeatable price can be thrilling. Even in this small way, second-hand shopping/browsing is much more rewarding in a way that traditional retail shopping could never be.
  • Two – Your money stays local and helps the local economy. Buying second-hand makes sure that your money stays in the community, where it can better benefit local businesses and charities.
  • Three – It’s easier to spot quality and defects Because most of the merchandise that will you come across has already been ‘broken in’, you can see what has actual quality and what doesn’t. This is both practical and affordable.
  • Four – It’s environmentally friendly! Buying previously used items cuts down on manufacturing demands and processes and also keeps more items out of the landfill! We all know that a worryingly large amount of man-made products are routinely thrown away. By giving them a new home, gives a longer life to a lot of household items that another family could use.

When buying electricals from a second-hand store this way, make sure they have been tested for safety. If you aren’t sure, just ask – in some places this is called an Electrical Test and Tag.

  • Five – It can inspire to recycle. This flow of second-hand items goes both ways. Any and all Items and clothes that you no longer have a use for, you can always donate back to a local charity shop and provide them with items that others may be searching for. The simple act of recycling this way enables us to feel good about our positive steps. But, again, it also helps to keep money in the local economy, and it supports the green living movement. Which is something we could all do a little more of.
  • Six – New items very often arrive daily. Second-hand shops receive donations a daily basis much of the time, so the hunt for that for that one off item is always new and fresh. If they don’t have what you are looking for on one day, there is a good chance that they might have it in, in a couple of days. So a trip out to the shop can never be the same experience twice.

Shopping is such an essential, and everyday part of our consumer driven economy. So, indulging in second-hand stores and opportunities like this is a way to promote and help sustain the economy and look after the environment.

Not only that, but we can still satisfy our craving for unique clothes and items. Second-hand doesn’t have to mean second best.


Image credit: Pixabay