How to recycle leftover paint after a home improvement project

How to recycle leftover paint after a home improvement project

You have just got over your home improvement project and are left with a considerable amount of paint. You might as well be ready to throw the paint off immediately after you’re done with it. However, if you end up draining down left over paint like that you’ll be unwittingly causing a huge amount of damage to the environment. In general, paint contains harmful chemicals which pollute our environment to no end. If dispensed improperly, paint can cause major damage by plugging up septic fields. It can also affect the sewage treatment factories and convert dumpsites into hazardous areas. So, it is absolutely important to learn about the proper ways of disposing the paint after use. Today, we will learn How to recycle paint. However, before delving in to details, let us tell you that the recyclability of paint depends on its type. You will discover more as you browse further through the post.

Before dispensing your paint check out if you can reuse it or not

Does your newly painted house need a touch-up anywhere? Check out closely. In most of the cases newly done houses do need touch-ups. If you are left with a small amount of paint you can use it up for the touch-up. If you are left with a huge amount of paint you can look forward to donating them to the community programs or schools running a painting project. It is always advised to buy only what you need. Try to estimate your needs properly and avoid buying too many extra cans.

Recycling Latex Paints

When it comes to latex paint, you can recycle it on your own. Here are the steps to help you

  • Select an area which is ventilated properly
  • Spread out a polyfilm (around 4mil) in that area
  • Pour the leftover paint on it and make sure that the layer is no thicker than 1/8 inch
  • Leave the paint like that for 12-48 hours depending on the temperature conditions prevailing in the area where you are living
  • When the latex paint is completely dried off it can be disposed of with regular garbage- do find out from the local waste regulatory authorities regarding this

Water based or latex paint is treated as hazardous wastes only in a few states including Washington, California and Minnesota among others. Some municipalities offer recycling programs which can definitely be checked out. Leftover water based paint can be used to produce non-paint stuff such as cement.

Oil based paints

Fuel or oil based coatings are often burned to generate energy in power plants. Oil based paints are mostly regarded as hazardous wastes and should always be carried to the nearby hazardous waste facilities. Only, they have the required expertise to deal with leftover oil based or alkyd paint.

What about paint tins?

Can i recycle paint tins as well? Ask yourself this question and try to find out suitable answers. Hopefully, the information regarding pain recycling has been of due help for you!