How to Build a Nature Pond in Your Garden, in Just One Weekend

How to Build a Nature Pond in Your Garden, in Just One Weekend

There is nothing like a natural pond. Modern water features have their place in the modern garden, but it is often better to give nature a helping hand and build something that looks like it has been there for centuries. A nature pond will be home to all of gods little amphibious creatures and the children will have hours catching them with their nets. A natural pond is probably the easiest variety to build. It requires no bricklaying or electricity.


Here we will guide you through the steps required when building your own pond:


Location is perhaps the most important decision you will need to make. If you have a place that gets direct sunlight for an hour or two a day, but spends most of its time in light shade, this will be perfect. Too much direct sunlight can lead to a buildup of pond algae that can suck the oxygen out of the water.


It is hard work but great fun when you break ground. Mark the shape of your pond with rope and start digging. You will need to dig at least 60cm deep in the middle. Around the back of the pond, you could have a steep slope with a shelf half way up. Make sure that, on at least one side, there is a gentle slope to ground level.

Be very careful, however, if you suspect there may be electric cable or pipes running in that area.

Line the Pond

A layer of building sand 50cm deep will have to be applied to all parts of the hole to protect the pond liner. Then place the liner in the hole and form it to the best you can to the pond shape. Now fill with water. The weight of the water will settle the pond liner into shape. Bury the edges of the pond liner, so it is out of view.


There is a large selection of plants available to put in the pond. Acquire a good selection as it is they that will be oxygenating the pond. Ye will not have a pump or fountain to help with this.

Next plant around the outside of the pond. Plants that like wet soil are perfect here, such as hostas. There is plenty of advice for planting on the internet.

Seating Area

After you have gone to all the trouble of creating a natural masterpiece, you will need somewhere to sit and keep an eye on the children. You will find many outdoor furniture sets available online in either natural, or modern designs. Choose wisely, you are likely to spend a lot of time here relaxing.


Once your pond has been established for only a few days, you will notice the wildlife moving in. You could add a few fish such as sticklebacks yourself. They are unlikely to make it there in their own. Place a log pile near to the pond to encourage more wildlife. Within a month, you will undoubtedly find your first frog.


Take no chances with young children. Fence around the pond if you have to using chain link fencing. This will allow the wildlife in and keep unsupervised children out. Drownings happen too often so be vigilant at all times.

However, with a little common sense and hard work you will have a pond in no time that looks like it has been there forever. That is a very satisfying result.

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