4 Eco-Friendly Loft Conversion Ideas for Inspiration

4 Eco-Friendly Loft Conversion Ideas for Inspiration

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Expanding the home can be great to add value, as well as give us more space and freedom. However, sometimes expanding can take its toll on the environment, especially with more heating, electricity and building materials needed. If you want to turn your loft into a brand new room, for whatever reason, then here are some eco-friendly ways to do it.

1. Use Natural Insulation

We all know that insulation can help improve the energy efficiency of our home, which is in turn good for the planet. However, if you want to go one step further with your eco-friendly loft conversion then opt for insulation that is natural. There are plenty of materials that you can use, which are greener than your loft insulation, such as sheep’s wool. Sheep wool is a biodegradable material and will have less of a negative impact than materials such as polystyrene (the most common insulation) on the environment. You can find ethically sourced sheep wool, used as insulation, at a variety of eco shops across the UK.

2. Sustainable Source Materials

It is likely that your loft conversion is going to need some form of timber, wood, or other similar materials for construction. We are all worried about the diminishing tree population and the impact this is having on our environment, so why not look for materials that are from sustainable sources? If you are having bespoke Loft Conversions by expert designers then they should be able to let you know where their products come from and offer you a more environmentally friendly solution. If you are building a loft conversion yourself then use a reclamation yard to source recycled wood that can be used for construction.

3. Solar Powered Conversion

Solar power is now cheaper and more efficient than ever, so it’s a great time to get involved. By powering your new loft conversion with the sun,  you will cut down on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. There are a whole range of government initiatives that can help you afford the initial costs of solar panels, and some that will even reward you for using them over other energy methods. If you invest in enough solar panels your whole home can be converted to eco-friendly power, which is even better. Wind turbines are also another great method of powering your loft conversion, without damaging the environment.

4. Recycled and Upcycled Furniture

Once your loft conversion has been created, it is time to fill it with the furniture that suits your style and budget. For those who want to go the extra mile in their new green space, consider recycling or upcycling furniture instead of buying new. You can buy second hand furniture from large charity warehouses, such as the YMCA and British Heart Foundation, which will support a good cause as well as be more environmentally friendly. If you have old, unused furniture in the house then search online for ways that you can upcycle it and turn it into something useful for your loft conversion.

These 4 ideas combined would ensure your new loft conversion is the most eco-friendly around, although not everyone has the time and money to do all of them. Just pick one or two that you will find easy to achieve, and you’ll be saving the environment along with pounds.

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