What to Consider When You Buy a MIG Welder

What to Consider When You Buy a MIG Welder

If you have plans to carry out a lot of DIY projects at home involving metal, then a MIG welder is a great power tool to invest in. You can make everything from a picture frame to a metal rack. Some people even use them to make decorative and very old-fashioned, but still attractive door knockers, so they don’t have to deal with annoying digital doorbells and buzzers.

Whether you are an experienced tradesman in need of a new MIG welder for your business or are just looking to do odd jobs around the home in your spare time, it can be hard to find the right model. With so many out there. Therefore, you need to make a few important considerations before settling on the MIG welder that suit you.

Where You Can Use It

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a MIG welder is where you are going to weld materials. The best model for your home might not actually be the best model to use in use in your professional work. If you need an effective tool for a garage or workshop or even on site, it’s important to find one that meets the safety requirements that your clients or employers stipulate.

What Kind of Welding

After figuring out where you are going to be welding, you then need to think about the type of welding you will be carrying out. For instance, do you know the type of metals and other materials you are planning on using? Furthermore, it’s worth thinking about the electrical output of the welders you are looking at and that they will be right for the materials. As a rule, the thicker the materials or metals you are going to meld, the more powerful a welder you need.

In addition, if you figure out you need to use a welder that requires over 100-volts to power it, you may need to invest in a separate power supply.

Will it Produce a Nice Clean Finish?

Obviously, safety and practicality are two of the biggest concerns when you are trying to find any tool. Those criteria are vital when you are looking for a MIG welder. Also, though, you need to give thought to the finish you are after from your welder. If you are not worried about it having such a smooth or clean finish, that’s fine. However, if you want to finish things off nicely without burning metals, what’s known as Pulse MIG welders are great choices.

Does it Have an Internal Cooler?

While thermal protection is not that necessary if you are only going to use your welder for quick and easy jobs, it’s a different story if you are working on more laborious and complex projects. Then, it’s important to ensure the welder you buy has an appropriate and effective cooling system to prevent the tool from overheating.

What’s the Duty Cycle?

Following nicely from the above, you also need to know that your MIG welder will continue working for as long as you need it to each time. So, you need to look at the duty cycle. In the industry, the cheaper welders tend to have short duty cycles, and are not great for thicker metals.