5 Easy Craft Projects Made from Recycled Materials

5 Easy Craft Projects Made from Recycled Materials

People’s love of crafting is nothing new, but there are some new trends in the way that people craft today. Many people are making changes in their everyday lives in order to better protect the environment and create less waste. This includes getting more creative when it comes to the crafts that they make. We want to find ways to still enjoy our hobby while still making changes to create less waste and live better.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways that you can enjoy both crafting and saving the planet. Many new craft ideas involve using recycled materials that you can find around your own home. This means you will not have to run to the store to buy new materials, you will throw away less in your home and you will save a little money in the process. Here are five easy craft projects made from recycled materials that you can use in your home.

Decorate an old frame for the home security system controller

Most home have a lot of frames that either doesn’t fit the décor of your home or you just have found the right place for. A great way to make these frames work in your home, and make your home look a little prettier, is to use those frames around your local home security system control box. You can paint or otherwise decorate your frames until they fit with the rest of the décor in your home for a perfectly fitting and unique craft.

Make centerpieces from old candle jars

You buy hundreds of candles a year, so instead of throwing out the jars every time the candle is gone, you can reuse them to make beautiful centerpieces for your dinner table, or anywhere throughout your home. Simply remove all the wax and use the jar as a blank canvas for whatever your heart desires. Modern ideas include wrapping burlap around and tying it all with twine for a rustic look.

Create table protectors from old wooden clothes pins

Your old wooden clothes pins break and fall apart all the time. In your frustration, you can either throw them all away, or use them for a practical craft your home will appreciate. To protect your table from pot pans and skillets, use the clothes pins to make a place mat that will hold those pots and pans safely away from your table and counter tops. The simplicity and ease of this project make it a perfect family craft.

Craft coffee mug sleeves from old sweaters

As fall approaches and you begin to go through your closet, you may find a lot of old sweaters that you will not be wearing again this year. Instead of throwing them out, you can cut them up to use as coffee mug sleeves. They will help keep your wintertime drinks warm and will give your mugs a new look that is fun and easy for everyone to use.

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