5 Companies Going Green to Combat Global Warming

5 Companies Going Green to Combat Global Warming

Going green is something that has become very popular in recent years.  One of the ways that many families are working to go green is by starting with their homes.  Green home remodeling can be done in a number of ways.  There are many great companies out there that are dedicated to helping you with your desire to go green.  The following five are those that will help you to achieve your goal of remodeling your home to be more environmentally friendly.

Hardwood Bargains

Hardwood Bargains is dedicated to bringing you naturally sourced wood that is harvested in a green way.  Their environmentally friendly line of flooring options will help you to have beautiful hardwood floors throughout your home that looks great.  There are many different natural hardwood floor options as well as many different composite choices that will work perfect for your needs regardless of what you are looking for.  They have even partnered with the American Forest Foundation to help with forest preservation.


Penofin offers you a great line of Verde stains that is perfect for your needs.  These stains are environmentally friendly and feature UV protection, no petroleum distillates, and no odor.  They are completely safe for children and pets.  Plus there is no harm to the environment at all.  The stain can be used for decks, fencing, floors, cabinets, counter-tops, furniture, and siding.  The best thing is that the stain is 100% sustainable.

American Clay

American Clay offers a large line of plaster choices for you that are completely sustainable and eco-friendly.  You can get any range of finishes that you are looking for with the plaster choices from American Clay.  The system works with you applying two or three different layers to get the desired look that you would like.  Plus the plaster comes pre-colored.  There are forty two different choices in pre-mixed colors to choose from and a number of additional choices that you can mix so you can really have anything that you want.  With this type of thing you will be able to have exactly what you want.

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company offers you a full line of eco-friendly paints that are perfect for everything and completely eco-friendly.  These paints offer you the ability to paint anything in your home with high quality paint.  This can be interior walls, accent pieces, and even furnishings.  Using milk paint on pieces can be a great way to choose unfinished furnishings for less money and finish them to look exactly how you want them to.  Plus you do not have to do a lot of work with milk paint as it can cover old paints without sanding and priming.


KlipTech makes the eco-friendly EcoClad siding.  This siding is perfect for making sure that your home is perfect from the outside in.  EcoClad actually started with the dream of covering houses in used paper.  That’s right your siding is made from recycled paper products and bamboo so that it is not only sustainable but eco-friendly and waterproof. The best thing is that it lasts for a considerable amount of time so you do not have to worry about it not standing up to the elements.

Having a green home is not as challenging as it was in the past.  Today there are a lot of different choices for you to be able to have the home of your dreams while still using resources wisely.  ReGreen can help you if you need help with finding the right choice for your home project.