Ready Made Curtains Got You Covered on Design Trends

Ready Made Curtains Got You Covered on Design Trends

You may find yourself at a loss when you tune in to home decorating and improvement TV shows – how can Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen transform a disastrous room into a thing of beauty? Well, with experience, skill and talent, of course. (Llewelyn-Bowen also has a fine-arts degree from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.) Still, some research and careful assessment of your living room space can help you identify trends and apply them to your own home.

One of the first decisions you have to make is the number of 2015 living room trends you want to apply. Are you interested in doing a major decorating overhaul? This involves starting from scratch – and assumes that you are willing to toss (or donate) everything in the living room. How about applying a few appropriate design elements to update and refresh the room?

Whatever you decide, there are plenty of design choices, and enough to accommodate the budget you’re working with.

Curtains and Colours

A surprisingly easy and impactful change is to switch out your current window treatments. It doesn’t matter whether you have a prominent bay window or a more subtle matching pair trading a tired, or even worn window treatment offers a stylish pop. Search online for ready made curtains for a super-easy fix. Consider trading outdated shutters for on-trend textured, coloured or patterned curtains.

A pop of colour adds brightness, even if your living room features safe shades of traditional ivory, beige and grey. Supplement your new curtains with a brightly coloured couch. Here are some combinations of colours trending for 2015:

  • The “New Neutral” combines nude and black with a splash of light ivory
  • Blue-grey and gold for an update of the 1970s Moroccan style
  • For the risk-taker, designers offer combinations of salmon, navy and forest green (dramatic, yes, but the impact can be softened when one of the colours is used sparingly).
  • Instead of boring beige, consider a palette with shades of beige (and yes, if you have that kind of sense of humour, you can even try shades of grey), with curtains, sofa, lamps, accent rugs, etc. in varying, but effectively coordinating beige (or grey).
  • Speaking of grey, a smoky blue is a harmonizing colour that makes for an elegant and sophisticated combination
  • Harkening back – but wholly contemporizing – combine chocolate brown, burnt sienna and light beige
  • Lively and nautical consider aqua, coral, and navy, with accent rugs and lampshades in natural jut

Colours can be incorporated into the aforementioned curtains and sofas, but also into accent pieces including chairs, tables, rugs, and, critically, lampshades or lamps.

Reading Rainbow

Don’t just relegate your books to the home office or bedroom. You can bring your books – whether it’s collector’s first-editions, all hardbound or not – into the living room. But here’s the 2015 twist – don’t just stick the books into an ordinary bookcase. A straight horizontal or vertical bookcase adds very little interest. You may notice that restaurants are even incorporating the hot trend of sculptural bookcases where not only can you feel like your books become part of the design, but the actual vessel housing those books is a well-integrated artsy piece of functional furniture.

Refreshing Revival

Some designers offer updated mid-century revival looks, with the curved light woods and ivory leather couches and chairs. Accent furniture is reminiscent of the heyday of iconic Heywood Wakefield.
Two Must Haves for 2015
If you want to make a small, but significant change consider these two super on-trend items:

  • A tripod floor lamp – it may take up more space than your regular standing lamp, but it’s worth it. This not only gives you the chance to de-clutter, but also allows you to create a fashion-forward home.
  • A tufted leather bench in place of a coffee table – this piece looks remarkably elegant, even amongst contrast styling. For example, consider it if you have streamlined, modern furnishings or country floral – even if you think it might not work, give it a try. It’s can make for a wonderful heirloom piece too.