Best Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Summer

Best Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Summer

As summer approaches and the climate starts to rise, it is all too easy to turn your air conditioning on to constant. But, unless you want a high energy bill and to harm the environment with your energy usage, it is important that you resist.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can keep your home cool without your air conditioning. There are plenty of ways you can ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible, ensuring that when your air con is on, you aren’t wasting energy.

For our guide to how to be energy efficient during the warmer summer, have a read of this.


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Maintain your air conditioning system properly

Simple things, like a dirty air conditioning filter, can cause your system to work harder, which increases the amount of energy used. Before you turn on your air conditioning, make sure to give it a once over and check to see if anything needs replacing.

For example, if your filter dirty then it will need replacing, but there is no need to worry as most parts are cheap to buy and easy to come across.

Get rid of leaks

Small gaps and crevices indoors, windows and roofs cause leaks that allow your cool, air conditioned air to leave your home. They also allow hot air from outside to enter your property and bring up the temperature, which is not something you want.

If you notice, for example, that your property’s windows are letting hot air in and cool air out, consider looking for window replacement. There are plenty of fantastic energy efficient window designs available; all you need to do is find the most suitable one for you.

Shield your home from the sun

To help prevent your property from getting too hot in the summer months, think about the ways you can shield it from the sun. Adding things like awnings and window shades to your property, is an excellent way to prevent too much heat from entering your home.

For a long-term solution to too much sun entering your home, consider planting plants and trees around your property. If you choose the location of trees and shrubs carefully, they can be used to help block the sun from heating up your home.

Get your loft reinsulated

When loft insulation is mentioned, most people think of it as being something that is only beneficial in the winter months for keeping heat in and draughts out. However, loft insulation is also incredibly beneficial during the warmer summer months.

By getting your attic reinsulated, you can help to keep the house cool by preventing cool air from leaving the house and warm air from coming in. Although getting your attic reinsulated might be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment to make. Especially, as it is beneficial for both the summer and winter weather.

Remember, it is just as important to think about summer energy efficiency as it is to think about winter energy efficiency.