Why You Should Keep a Locksmith’s Number in Your Phone

Why You Should Keep a Locksmith’s Number in Your Phone

You have heard of people getting locked out of their homes and cars, or being broken into and needing demolished locks replacing, but it won’t happen to you! The simple fact is there’s a good chance it will! A great proportion of people will have cause to call out a locksmith at some point in their lives, as there are many reasons why you might need one! Let’s have a look at some of the  possible reasons you might need to call out an expert locksmith.

Locked Out? Call a Locksmith!

It’s easier than you think to lock yourself out of your home. All you need to do is let the front door click shut, and then realise you’ve left your keys inside! You’re security conscious, so there are no other doors and windows open, and you don’t keep a spare key hidden in the garden – quite sensibly – so what can you do? You need to call your local home locksmiths, who will be with you as soon as possible and will be able to get you in through most locks. They will do it quickly, at a sensible price, and with as little – or no – damage to your door as possible, and you’ll be in in no time.

What about if you get locked out of your car? For an expert locksmith, even the most secure cars can be opened, and if not the locksmith will advise you of the method that causes the least damage and will be cheapest to repair. These are two instances where having the number of a locksmith – one who attends to emergencies and is on call 24/7 – in your smartphone is a great idea!

Need New Locks? You Know Who To Ask!

Have you recently moved into a home, one that is not a new-build? A security adviser will tell you that one of the first things to do is change all your locks. In general,  the prior tenants will be honourable and hand over the keys in full, but you never know who might have one from the past that they have kept over. Any key that can get into your home adds to the security risk, so you need to change those locks now.

You might simply be unimpressed with your current locks and want new ones, in which case you can arrange with the locksmith to give you advice on the best replacement options. Locks are surprisingly complex these days and provide far greater security, and your insurance company will appreciate you spending the time to upgrade your levels of security.

Whether for the above reasons or if you have been the victim of a break-in – often, the thieves take any keys they can find with a view to returning – your local home locksmith can help, so check them out now, and make sure you register their contact number in your phone so that you can get in touch with them should you be locked out!