Why You Need a Professional to Clean Your Ducts

Why You Need a Professional to Clean Your Ducts

Among the hidden systems in the home, the air conditioning and heating ducts are perhaps the most overlooked. As with plumbing and power, we simply expect these systems to work when we require them too, and it is often the case that essential yet affordable maintenance is overlooked – or simply forgotten about! The truth is that ducts do require maintenance once in a while if you’re a/c system is to operate to its required and intended efficiency. What do we mean by this? Let’s try and explain in simple terms.

Why Ducts Need Cleaning

The air conditioning system in your home consists of the parts that sit at the wall – these being the main mechanical units including the fans and heat exchanger that take the heat out of the building – and a series of carefully installed ducts that direct air to the various rooms. These are hidden in ceiling and wall cavities, and they provide an essential service. The ducts can be different sizes, but all are used to draw air through them while the system is in operation.

Now, we all know that the air in our homes is not completely pure: there are always minute particles in it that are harmless to us. Then there’s dirt and grime that is brought into the home by people and pets – and the hair from the pets that inevitably becomes part of the dirt in the house – all of which can be swept up into the air, and taken into the ducts. There’s nothing that can be done about this, and what happens next is that it settles on the walls of the ducts.

Over time – and it doesn’t take very long – this results in your ducts becoming narrower thanks to the lining of debris that is building up. This means your air conditioning pump unit, the main hard-working part, has to work even harder to keep up the rate of air flow that you need. If this becomes too much, it can lead to overheating and the entire system may become inoperable. This is why you need to get in touch with one of your local duct cleaning companies and have your system checked out, before things go too far and you need a replacement system.

Regular Checks

If you ask your local duct specialists to perform regular checks on your system then you will be able to keep things running as efficiently as possible for the greatest length of time. Inefficient performance of an air conditioning system means using more power, and eventually, more expensive repairs or replacement will be necessary. A regular check by the professionals will keep things running and save you money in the long run.

If you suspect your air conditioning ducts need cleaning, or if you have just moved into a property and want to get the system checked out, get in touch with professionals right now, and you’ll find that the small expenditure for a regular check is well worth the money.