Why Invest in Hidden Fastening Clips

Why Invest in Hidden Fastening Clips

Decking is popular for a reason. It’s a great way to make full use of the space on your property, to give yourself and your family an area to entertain guests or just so you can enjoy your garden and the summer sun, during those warmer days.

If you are looking to build decking, and have been looking at blog posts and other informative guides online, you may have noticed mention of hidden decking fasteners or hidden fastening clips, and wondered what all the fuss is about. Well, in the following post we are going to discuss some of the major advantages of investing in these awesome little clips when you are putting together decking.

Clear Deck Surface

Primarily, as you may have guessed by the name or any pictures you may have seen of them, people opt for hidden deck fastening clips to give a more aesthetically pleasing decking. When you use these kinds of clips, you have a decking surface that is free of any unattractive screws and nails, which not only make it look less appealing but can be dangerous too.

Quicker to Install

When you use fastener systems like those utilizing Ipe Clips, you need to use less fasteners during the installation process. This makes it a lot quicker to install a decking using hidden fasteners. For example, when you use Ipe Clips you only normally need to use one fastener for every individual joist.

Stops Nail Popping from Occurring

Problems and even dangers can arise when you fasten the boards of decking together by driving the required number of fasteners through the decking surface’s face. Generally, the screw or nail’s head is driven to the point that it is flush with the surface of the decking. However, as time goes on, nail popping can occur. That is, when the nail or screw starts to lift and move out of its hole from the surface of the decking, which not only makes the decking look less attractive, but also makes it a more dangerous surface to walk on.

Longer Lifespan of Fasteners

Another benefit comes from the way hidden fasteners are installed onto decking. Not only are they hidden from sight, they are also hidden from the elements and weather conditions, such mas sun, wind, rain and snow etc. This means that the fasteners themselves are protected to a degree against erosion and other contributing factors that can cause wear and tear.

Normally, when fasteners are driven through the surface of the decking, the head is exposed, and it is more exposed and likely to wear down and erode quicker. As well as increasing the chances of the fasteners themselves eroding and breaking down, fasteners driven into the face of the decking surface can also compromise the structural integrity and lifespan of the decking material itself.

So, if you are planning on installing a decking area in you garden or around your property, you will hopefully see why it may be worthwhile investing in hidden fasteners rather than the traditional fasteners and clips.