What you need for the Perfect Green Home

What you need for the Perfect Green Home

If you have ambitions to make your home the perfect eco-friendly environment there are certain steps you need to take and features you need to have to realise these desires. Some of these require a little more effort that others, but really all you need is the right attitude. Here’s what you need to do:

Be more Energy Efficient

A huge part of green living is how energy efficient your home is; naturally the lower your energy consumption, the better it is for the environment. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Installing solar panels, wind turbines or creating your own alternative fuels from biomass to power your home
  • Having energy-saving lighting (bulbs or LEDs)
  • Fitting full insulation around the home, in the roof lining and cavity walls
  • Using smart meters to monitor your consumption
  • Having high-quality double-glazed windows on your property to trap heat

Encourage Recycling

Properly sorting and recycling your household waste is one of the easiest green practices. You should actively encourage your family and friends to do the same and separate your bins for food waste, card and paper, plastics and glass bottles.

Grow your own Produce

There’s nothing greener than being green-fingered, so if you have the lawn space available (even if you don’t a few indoor plant pots will do) you should start growing your own vegetables. Not only does this fit in with the aesthetics of a green home, it also lowers your carbon footprint significantly as you’re not buying veg that’s been transported long distances. Failing that though, you should at least try and buy your foodstuffs from local stores.

Drive an Eco-friendly Car

Getting an eco-friendly vehicle like an electric or hybrid car is a must for a greener lifestyle. There are many to choose from and you can find out more from this post on ExchangeandMart.co.uk  about the environmental benefits of such models. Plus having a big gas-guzzling monster parked on the drive certainly isn’t in keeping with look of a perfect green home!

Natural Décor

With all the energy-saving steps in place there’s also the appearance of your home to think about. Do away with cheap plastic or poorly crafted furniture and invest in solid wood instead. These will last much longer and bring a natural feel (and scent) into your home. You can do the same for things like shelves and cupboards, also it’s worth choosing white goods with A and above energy ratings.

So there you have it, a few suggestions for you to consider to make your home the perfect example of green living. All there’s left for you to do now is get to work and create the eco-friendly living space you’ve always wanted.