What are the Best Flowers for a Mother’s Day Bouquet?

What are the Best Flowers for a Mother’s Day Bouquet?

Flowers are one of natures most wonderful creations. An endless selection of shapes, colours and sizes – let alone scents – gives us great pleasure, and when it comes to special occasions, sending flowers is always a gesture that is appreciated.

Choosing a bouquet of flowers is personal choice, but any florist will tell you that there are some that go together more effectively than others. There are also flowers that are particularly suitable for certain occasions.

Take Mother’s Day, for example. What sort of flowers would you send to your mother, to show her your love and gratitude, on this very special day? You most likely choose those that you know are her favourites, but how do you make sure that you can get a bouquet including those certain blooms?

This is when you need a florist who has a reputation for excellent service, superb presentation and sensible prices.

Great Selection

There are many florists operating online shops these days, and they are the best choice if you want to combine excellent bouquets with great prices. One such is Passion Flowers who offer a truly wonderful selection of mother’s day floral gifts that cover every possible budget and requirement, so there is sure to be something here for you.

They have many satisfied customers who have taken advantage of their superb, friendly and professional service, and have the expertise and knowledge to know just how to create the perfect bouquet.

Whether you want to keep it simple – a small bouquet with just a couple of varieties of carnations or colourful daisies – or go all out and buy your mum a flower arrangement that is big, bold and beautiful, they can cater for you, and as they source from professional growers who cultivate in heated covered areas all-year around you don’t need to worry about being out of season.

Tall Stems are Best

A florist will recommend that the best Mother’s Day bouquet will be one that includes plants with tall stems. This is because the flowers will tower out of the vase to the best effect, and look beautiful for longer.

Lilies are popular with Mother’s Day customers, as are tulips and the perennial favourite, daffodils. Carnations look beautiful in any combination, while orchids make for a very special gift as a solo bouquet. There is so much choice in both the type and colour of the flower you can choose, and the florist is there to help you get the best bouquet possible.

Every mother loves to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her children, and not just on Mother’s Day. Your mum is there year-round for you, so why not just send her a bunch every now and again, especially if you happen to live a long way from her?

It’s a very living gesture, and one that doesn’t cost the earth, so check put Passion Flowers now for a great choice of flowers and excellent service, and make your mum a very happy lady.