The Many Uses of Magnets in the Home

The Many Uses of Magnets in the Home

How old were you when you first became fascinated by magnets? For many of us it is a childhood thing, and they remain wondrous and almost magical to this day. The very nature of magnetism – two metal items seemingly being attracted to each other (or repelled from) for no observable reason – is something that is a scientific marvel.

So, where and when would you use magnets in the home? And what about in the workplace? You may actually be surprised how often you will find a magnet useful at home, so let’s have a look at a few instances.

Magnets and DIY

Are you an avid DIY enthusiast, someone who enjoys doing jobs in the home yourself? If so, you will likely have a decent toolkit – one with all the right tools and power-tools – but why should you have a magnet among your tools?

Let’s imagine you are hanging pictures, or drilling into a wall for some reason. How do you find those annoying metal studs that get in your way, or avoid other metal in the walls? You use a magnet, of course! You will find that many people keep a magnet among their tools for precisely this reason, and you can find cheap magnets at any of the many magnets manufacturers supplying both domestic and commercial customers.

Or, you may be working outside, and you know you’ve dropped quite a few nails. You want to find them, of course, as you don’t want the car or the kids bikes driving over them. What better way to find them than to go over the area with a strong magnet? You’ll find all the lost nails in no time at all, and it costs you next to nothing.

Types of Magnets

Perhaps the most frequently seen type of household magnet is that on the front of your fridge. These may be there for fun or decoration, but more likely to hold a message written on a piece of paper. It’s a useful way of leaving notes in a place where you know people will look for them.

This use of magnets also extends to office notice boards – useful in the home – which can be magnetic in nature; pin up important letters, bills and other items for later use, and you are less likely to forget about them.

Magnets also come in a wide range of interesting forms. If you need a lot, for whatever reason, you can buy custom magnets bulk at sensible priced. You may need a neodymium magnet for the currently fast-growing pastime of magnet-fishing, or you could need magnets to build a DIY Hi-Fi system, as they are essential to the loudspeaker.

In fact, magnets are everywhere; they are in your computer, they are in your car, and they may be in many places around the home and the workplace. Yet, the magnet – and its unique properties – remains a thing of wonder, and we could not do without them in the modern world.