The Ultimate Guide For Saving Energy In The Home

The Ultimate Guide For Saving Energy In The Home

With the price rises imposed on the population by the ‘big six’ companies, it is hardly surprising that swathes of people are looking around their homes at ways to save precious energy. The sight of an electricity meter spinning at high speed these days starts a feeling of rising panic within a worried bill payer.

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy consumption at home. Many of them only make a small difference, but added together they will lower the monthly bill by a significant amount. If you would like to begin a project to see how much money you can save, you will find some useful tips here that may just open your mind to the possibilities.


There are many lightbulbs in an average home. You may think that they are not using much electricity; how wrong you are. If a home has six light bulbs running for two hours and they consume one hundred watts each, that is a total of one thousand two hundred watts. Since the unit of electricity consumption measured in kilowatt hours (1000 watts for one hour), you can see that they have consumed over one unit of electricity. Over a twenty four hour period, if they are left switched on, they will cost a few pounds, depending on the price per unit. Add that up over a month, and it is easy to see where money is being wasted.

Manufacturers have developed LED lighting that will give out the same amount of light as one hundred watt bulbs, using one tenth of the energy. Add to that the fact that the 100w equivalent bulb will also last ten times as long as an incandescent bulb, and there is a powerful argument for using them in every room of the house.

Less power consumed = Lower bills = Less damage to the environment

LED bulbs are more expensive than other types, but they pay for themselves quickly and continue working in your favour for a very long time.

Insulate Your Home

Energy companies have been forced to take part in national schemes where they give grants to vulnerable people whose homes are not adequately insulated. If you are claiming certain benefits, you may be entitled to them. Check with your supplier to see what solutions are available and ask for an assessment of your home. A well insulated home takes less energy to keep warm.

Change Your Meter or Tariff

If you are still using a prepayment meter, you are paying a premium for it. The tariffs are unfairly overpriced, and their use should be banned in my opinion. The utility companies will not advise you to swap the meter; they are happy to take your money. Change tariff, as long as you have no outstanding debt, to a better one and request that a quarterly meter to be installed. It seems wrong that the poorest in society are being forced to pay the most for their fuel by these meters that hold them to ransom.

Even if you have a quarterly meter already, bills are often lowered by switching to another supplier if you have not done so for a few years.

Before you begin your project to save money on energy, find the old bills out and make a note of the totals. You may be pleasantly surprised with the savings found on the new ones.


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