The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Stylish New Kitchen Design

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Stylish New Kitchen Design

Everyone want to have the most stylish and aesthetically pleasing kitchen possible, right? Well, that’s not difficult to achieve. All you need is the right information, and you should have no trouble creating something that’s truly stunning. Of course, with so much emphasis on the environment these days, you need to be careful which materials you use and which stores you buy them from. That said; if you perform enough research, there’s no reason you can’t make all your friends and family jealous with the best kitchen design they’ve ever seen.

Am I some kind of interior design expert? Unfortunately not. Have I created and installed lots of kitchens in my lifetime? Yes! That is all part and parcel of owning your own home, and I’ve purchased no less than six in the last decade thanks to my small property business. While I have to ensure my designs meet regulations for the rental market though, you’re able to be a little more innovative without worrying about anything like that.

Building your breakfast bar

You won’t all have kitchens large enough to incorporate a breakfast bar, but so long as your home is of a certain size, building one from scratch could be a wise move. Sure, you can purchase them flat-packed from most home retailers, but prices can be very high when you take that route. Instead, I’ve found buying all the materials separately and engaging in a bit of DIY to provide the best results. That will allow you to use only recycled or reclaimed woods, and you’ll have the opportunity to include marble worksurfaces for much cheaper than you might expect. Just take down the measurements and let your imagination run wild. You could even fit a TV screen to the bar if you have the inclination, as digital TV aerial installation is a simple job.

Hiding your appliances

Most people are looking for a minimalist effect these days, and hiding your appliances away in cupboards and such can help you to achieve this. There’s nothing stopping you from creating units in the same style as your standard cupboards that can house your fridge, oven, dryer and even your washing machine. I guarantee that by doing that, you will make the space appear less cluttered and more in-tune with modern trends. Indeed, you only have to read through a few recent interior design magazines to see that many people are currently using this technique.

Painting your walls

Believe it or not, many people still make the mistake of using wallpaper in their kitchen. That is a bad idea for many reasons, the most prominent of which relates to the fact that it will begin to peel away pretty quickly. Apart from that, having wallpaper in this room, regardless of colour, will also make it appear a lot smaller. We all want our rooms to seem as large and luxurious as possible, so opting for light colours like white, yellow or baby blue is usually the best move.

Now you’ve read through my guide; you should be ready to start making improvements immediately. I wish you the best of luck with the task in hand.

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