Top Tips to Make Every Single Room in Your Home Eco-Friendly

Top Tips to Make Every Single Room in Your Home Eco-Friendly


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Many of us want to make more of an effort when it comes to being eco-friendly at home, but don’t know where to start. There are some rooms of the house that seem a lot easier to turn ‘green’ than others. However, every room can easily become more environmentally friendly. Even with just a few small changes. To highlight our point, we’ve put together some top tips for every single room in the home.


We spend most of our time in the kitchen, so this is a great place to start being kinder to the environment. Here are some top tips for an eco-friendly kitchen:

  • Appliances – Pick your appliances carefully. Every new appliance should come with an energy efficiency rating that tells you how kind it is to the environment. Your fridge is the biggest energy drain, so replace this first.
  • Hand Wash – Where possible, try to wash your dishes by hand. Even the most energy efficient dishwashers aren’t as eco-friendly as they say they are.
  • Use Natural Cleaners – Make your own natural household cleaners and save the planet. These are so easy to make and can save you money too.

Living Areas

Lounges and living rooms are where we like to relax with the family. You’re also likely to have lots of electronics in here which aren’t environmentally friendly. Here are our top tips to change that:

  • Curtains and Blinds – Make the most out of your curtains and blinds during the winter. Keep them closed and you’ll keep the heat in, without having to turn the radiators on.
  • TVs and Electronics – Make sure that you turn everything off when it is not in use. Don’t just put your TV on standby. You can buy special plugs that save you energy too.
  • Eco-Friendly Furniture – Invest in some furniture that’s more environmentally friendly. Consider the fabrics on your sofas and cushions, along with the wood for your tables and chairs. There’s always a sustainable option out there.


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Your bathroom can be a real drain on natural resources if you’re not utilizing eco-friendly options. Here’s how to stop that from happening:

  • Showers – Try to have a shower as opposed to a bath, as this can greatly reduce the amount of water used. If you don’t have a shower in your bathroom you can purchase special attachments from places such as instead.
  • Toilets – You can now buy high-efficiency toilets that will help save the planet. You can save on average 2 gallons of water per flush with one of these!
  • Cosmetics – Consider the products you fill your bathroom shelves with. How do they impact the environment? Look for eco-friendly options where possible.


Want to sleep easy at night? If you create eco-friendly bedrooms at home, then chances are you’ll get a better night’s sleep. Here’s how:

  • Furniture – Consider environmentally friendly furniture in your bedrooms too. Second-hand wardrobes and drawers are also better for the planet.
  • Floors – Did you know that many carpets are petroleum based? Look for eco-friendly options, such as those made out of wool or recyclable materials.
  • Closets – Try to be kinder to the environment by considering your clothing purchases. Buy second hand or clothes made from sustainable materials. When it comes to a closet clear out, always recycle, reuse or donate.

These top tips will help you to turn every room in your house into somewhere more environmentally friendly. The best thing? None of these tips take too much time or cost too much money!