Green and Organic Ways to Care for Your Hair

Green and Organic Ways to Care for Your Hair

If your concern for your health and the environment is equal to your desire for beautiful, healthy hair, you have an abundance of choices worth considering. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to keep your tresses in great condition. In fact, many items that you may already have in your kitchen are as effective as a lot of the commercial hair care products that line the shelves of beauty salons, department stores, and drugstores across the country. The following are some easy tips on caring for your hair without using harsh chemicals in the process.

Substances to Avoid

First, it could be useful to explore a few of the top chemicals to avoid, which are commonly found in many commercial hair care products. Propylene glycol changes the skin’s surface by making it more receptive to various chemicals, so this is probably not a chemical that you want near your scalp. Parabens are another hair care ingredient to avoid since they have been linked to certain types of cancer. Sodium laureth sulfate, which is often added to commercial hair care products because of its foaming properties, may actually irritate the skin and damage the hair follicles.

Oil for Naturally Lustrous Hair

Oil can be one of the best ingredients to use on your hair, especially if your goal is a shiny, healthy-looking mane. Certain oils may be more effective than others, such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is gentle and can be ideal for deep-conditioning. You might apply a tablespoon to your hair and distribute it evenly; leave it for a few hours, and then wash it with a mild cleansing product.

Other products than add luster to your hair are mayonnaise and organic olive oil. When you apply any oil or oil-based product to your hair, you may want to cover your head with a shower cap after application. Doing this can protect your clothing from oil stains.

Cornstarch to Reduce Oil

According to Amy (, if your hair is naturally oily, and the thought of applying more oil to your hair does not appeal to you, you might consider using cornstarch instead. Sprinkling cornstarch on your locks can be an effective method for minimizing the excess oil found naturally in your hair. Try sprinkling a half of a cup or less on your hair (depending on how long and thick your hair is), and gently brush or comb it in to ensure even distribution. Leave the cornstarch for several minutes, and then brush your hair to completely remove all traces of the starch.

Honey for Replenishing Moisture

According to Amy (, honey has been used as a natural beauty product for centuries, and it’s just as effective today as it was thousands of years ago. If your hair is naturally dry (or if factors such as sunlight, cold weather, and hair treatments have made it dry), raw honey could be exactly what you need to replenish the moisture in your mane. This natural food and beauty product is a great moisturizer: Simply mix it with warm water, and rinse your hair with the mixture when you’re done shampooing it.

Henna to Enhance Color

If you’d like to enhance the hue of your hair without relying on harsh chemicals to do it, try a henna rinse. Henna is safe for the environment, and it can actually improve the overall condition of your tresses. You can generally find a variety of organic henna products in health food stores and online. Be sure to test the product on a lock of your hair before you commit to a total application, and always follow the instructions that come with the product.

You don’t need to depend on harsh chemicals to keep your hair gorgeous. Once you explore some natural hair care options, you’ll discover plenty of green and organic products to use on your locks. You may even choose to abandon commercial hair care products altogether.