Tips for Staying Green While Improving Home Security

Tips for Staying Green While Improving Home Security

As a person focused on creating a more energy efficient and green home, it’s hard to understand how a security system could align with such a focus. Built-in security systems typically rely on electricity. But there are alternatives and innovation in technology evident today that help to sustain an energy efficient household without killing the electric bill.

Posting Warning Signs

Signs, signs and more signs create a phantom presence of security to ward off possible intruders and criminals from venturing onto your property. You don’t want to scare away neighbors with the sign “Beware of Dog”, but surely they’ll understand your concerns about security no matter how safe the local community remains on a daily basis.

What types of signs are good? As mentioned previously, use a sign that indicates a watchdog lives there. Also, either place a noticeable and readable sticker on all doors or post a sign in the front lawn somewhere visible saying, “Protected by a Security System”. This initial warning sign may automatically knock you off the list of potential homes vulnerable to intrusions and burglary. Criminals don’t want to deal with annoying security systems. You could checkout possible security systems at if you live in this or the surrounding area. Or simply the false presence could scare criminals away as well.

Additionally, signs are very green friendly, drain no energy, and they cost little money. You’re definitely staying green with this tip.

The Watchdog

They don’t waste electricity, there’s no installation, and when strangers approach any of the entrances or windows, these animals strike fear in the heart of possible intruders with fierce barks.

Investing in a watchdog will be one of the ecofriendly options for energy efficient home owners concerned about security. Other than a considerable adoption fee from a local rescue, the cost of maintaining a dog isn’t going to break the bank.

Also, for those green home owners starting their own compost piles or areas in the backyard, dog waste enriches soil. That’s just a simple tip showing how owning a dog could benefit your compost pile and natural soil development.

Replace Old Windows

If you live in an older home with unique rustic beauty, you must remember that older windows aren’t energy friendly. The majority of the time, an older window allows heat or cool air to escape though holes or cracks in the crevices or window frames.

Due to the constant temperature change created by these imperfections, this wastes energy in your home. Plus, older windows are easier to break into for criminals. You hit two birds with one stone by replacing the windows in your home. This creates a more energy efficient home while securing points of entry against intruders.

Controlling Lighting Indoors and Outside

Another scare tactic entails outdoor and indoor lighting. It’s difficult balancing home security with staying energy efficient. But due to developments in home security and lighting technology, it’s not as monumental of an obstacle as before.

For example, timers allow home owners to save energy when using lighting indoors. When on vacation or away from the home in evening hours, you can set a timer for the lights to turn on and off. This conserves energy and wards off intruders.

Also, did you ever think your beautiful Christmas lighting display was a valuable home security tactic? Outdoor lights illuminate otherwise dark regions where criminals reside when they attempt to act. Motion sensor lights outdoors only turn on when motions in the designated areas set them off. This scares criminals and wild animals away with the surprise element of the motion sensor lights. Also, these lights save so much money and energy.

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