Tips For A Safer Home

Tips For A Safer Home

Your home is your sanctuary. This is why, when something bad happens to you inside of your home, it can be harder to recover than it might have been if something similar had happened away from your home. After all, where exactly are you supposed to go for comfort if your own home doesn’t feel safe any more?

You can’t stop all of the bad things from happening. You can, however, do things to make the bad stuff less likely to happen.

Here are the best things you can do to make your home as safe as possible.

1. Get a Security System

The systems you want or feel like you need will also vary quite a bit depending on where you live. For example, if you live in a nice neighborhood in San Diego, you will probably feel fine having a basic system. In fact, according to Security Choice the basic San Diego home security systems are so straightforward you can install them yourself. If you want something more robust (or don’t trust your own handiwork), that’s okay. Just decide what kind of coverage you want and how much you can afford and go from there.

2. Do NOT Hide Keys

We’re all afraid of locking ourselves out of our homes. The answer, however, is not to hide a key somewhere on your property. Finding hidden keys is a lot easier than you might think and those fake rocks don’t fool anybody. Instead of hiding a key near your house, give a spare key to a trusted friend who can get to you quickly if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home.

3. Put Your Keys and Fobs Away

It’s super easy to set up a key hook right next to the door. The problem is that these are easy to spot by would be intruders. It’s better to set aside a drawer or cabinet space as your “key and fob” spot. This way you still know where your keys are, but they won’t be as easily swiped. This is also true in your car. Don’t leave house keys sitting on the dash or passenger seat. Hide them away.

4. Lock Up Automatically

Always lock doors behind you when you get inside. Close windows when you leave a room, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Home intruders are going to look for easy entry points and an unlocked door or open window provides that.

5. Put away and lock up your ladders

Leaving a ladder sitting out and against your house gives would be nefarious types an easy way to get on to your roof and into second floor windows. In addition to putting the ladder away, it’s good to lock it up–a simple bike lock will do the trick. This way, even if they find the ladder, they won’t be able to extend it.

6. Mark Up Your Glass

That sliding glass patio door is great for letting in light and providing you with a view of the yard. It’s also hazardous! If you’ve ever walked into a glass door, you’ll know what we mean. Put up some decorative stickers or paint designs on the glass so that you can tell whether the door is opened or closed.

7. Light Up the Space

Bad guys prefer darkness because it makes hiding what they’re doing a lot easier. Install really bright and motion sensitive lighting in your front and back yards. This way, if someone walks on to your property, everybody will know about it and they’ll be able to see who’s there.

8. Make Plans

Your family probably already has a fire plan. How about a gas plan? There’s no time like the present to learn! If you live in Southern California or other earthquake prone areas, it’s good to have a quake plan too. And, of course, you’re going to need to set up a home invasion plan.

9. Hidden Locks

Hidden locks are great. Make sure you have “hidden” (aka only accessible from the inside) deadbolts on all of the doors in your home with outside access. This way, even if someone successfully picks the outside lock, you have an added layer of protection.

10. Dowelings Are Your Friends

We all need fresh air from time to time. At the same time, sleeping with windows wide open invites trouble. Instead, open your window just a few inches (only enough to let in air, but not so wide that an arm will fit through) and then put a small doweling into the window track behind it.

These are just ten tips that you can use to improve your home’s safety. Have we left anything out? Share your safety tips with us!