How To Protect Your Home And Keep Your Family Safe

How To Protect Your Home And Keep Your Family Safe

We are lucky that the crime rate here is lower than in many countries around the world. That doesn’t mean that we should be complacent with our security measures at home; nothing is too much trouble when it comes to the safety of our family and property.

Many burglaries occur in the garden, and sheds are an irresistible target for some thieves. If you have been a victim of theft and are thinking about introducing extra security measures, you are not alone. Many people only thing about these things after a crime. Here is how to protect your home and keep your family safe.

Security Alarm

Security alarms are cheap these days, and they are not difficult to install if you do some research first. The electricity supply to the control panel is at mains voltage, but the wiring to the  detectors and switches is low voltage, so you can install it yourself. There are some top quality wireless kits on the market that you can fit in a couple of hours. The wireless technology is now trustworthy, and you can rely on these systems.

External Security

There is probably some expensive equipment in your garden, and it its a place where your children play. You can’t have your eyes on them every second of the day, so you must have confidence that they are secure in those few seconds when you look away. There are several measures you should take.

  • Make sure the garden has a tall gate. You must bolt and lock it on the inside. Ideally it will not have a handle on the outside at all. It must be tall enough to stop the prying eyes of someone who is up to no good.
  • You must install a tall fence from Awards Fencing or another reputable company that blocks the vision of someone that is up to no good. Ask the seller where they source the timber for their product. Most of the wood used in fencing comes from sustainable sources these days. It is good for the environment and secures supplies. Many burglaries are opportunistic. A passing thief might spot an open window or shed door and act on impulse. You can remove the temptation with a strong fence.
  • Use a battery operated alarm for the shed. They give off a painful shriek when they activate; enough to wake you in the middle of the night.
  • Use some powerful security lights that come with a built-in passive infrared detector. They will activate if someone gets into your yard. They will not operate in the daytime; only when the daylight wanes. You can override the detector if you wish so that they stay on permanently or work with the switch.
  • Sometimes the simplest things work well. Put a picture of a fierce looking dog on your gate with ‘I live here’ as a comment. You have seen them around. Would you take a chance if you saw that, or would you move to another target?

You shouldn’t lose sleep over the security measures. Use some common sense and look for obvious weaknesses. Go outside and try to figure out how you would gain entry to the home or garden if you were a burglar. They won’t usually go to too much trouble. Your job is to make them move along to a softer target. I hope my advice will help you improve your security measures. Thank you for reading it.


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