The Major Benefits of Hydroseeding

The Major Benefits of Hydroseeding

If you are interested in improving your existing lawn or need a new one installed, one seeding method you should give some serious consideration to is hydroseeding. When you compare it to some of the more traditional, dry methods of seeding, this stands out in terms of its speed and reliability.

We understand though if you are new to the technique or have never used hydroseeding contractors before, that you might be a little hesitant.

That’s why we are going to spend some time looking at the major benefits of hydroseeding to show you why you may be too quick to write it off.

The Mulch Used

The first major advantage hydroseeding has over the traditional broadcast seeding alternatives is that the mulch used is more effective. When you use dry seed, it can, potentially at least, be blown away or stolen by greedy birds. Whereas with mulch used in hydroseeding, there is moisture that makes it stick to the ground. This moisture also provides a more inviting environment for grass to grow faster in, while at the same time providing protection against soil erosion.

Distribution of Seed

Following on nicely from the above, the fact that the mulch commonly used in hydroseeding has a dye that gives it a specific color that makes it easy to know what areas have been covered and the ones that haven’t. Therefore, it is much easier to ensure you cover 100% of the area you are seeding, something that’s not as easy to do when you use traditional seeding methods.

Customization of Fertilizer and Seeding To Suit Your Soil

As not all soil types are the best, you need to find the best kinds of grass that are most likely going to take root and grow. When using the hydroseeding method there is room for you to customize your lawn with different grass that is best suited to soil type, irrigation, climate, shaded, or exposed areas. By customizing these factors, the healthy grass that can grow is enhanced rather than if you used a technique like sodding that often can result, I grass seed roots being rejected if the seeds and soil are not compatible.


If you are on a tight budget and trying to design and grow the best lawn you possibly can, more traditional methods are not exactly the most affordable ways to do it. Especially when compared to hydroseeding. Not only does it ensure better coverage is possible, meaning you don’t waste money, but it can, in many situations cost as little as half the price of traditional methods.

Easier and Quicker to Work With

There’s no escaping the fact that you don’t get that almost instant lawn look and feel with hydroseeding that you do with sod. Having said that, hydroseeding is much easier and faster to work with and apply. Besides, a lawn that has been hydroseeded by specialists and properly watered in could start to grow within in as little as 7 days and be fully established and ready for its first mow by around the 3 to 4 weeks mark.