Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

Hiring a roofer can be overwhelming. Particularly if it’s your first time. If you were to put into your preferred search engine “roofing contractors near me” or “roofing contractors in Connecticut”, you would be given a list with a dizzying number of roofers to choose from.

You need to remember that not all roofers are created equally. While some are reputable and offer a great value service for a reasonable price, others are more like sharks trying to rip you off and deliver poor results while still charging you a fortune. How do you pick out the good from the bad? That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.

The best way is to not rush the decision, even if it’s an emergency. You should take some time and make sure you ask the roofing contractors you are interested in hiring the following questions.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

This should be one of the first questions you ask a roofer. Why? Because having a license not only is evidence that they are legally allowed to offer their services to members of the public, but it’s a sign of proof that they are also skilled and capable of doing it. Anyone could say they were roofing contractors without holding any proof. Would you really want to trust them on top of your house, installing or repairing the part of the building that stops your home from being flooded and damaged in other ways by the elements?

At the same time, you should also ask if they have full insurance coverage. This is not just to protect them, but also to protect you, your family, home, and investment. Do you really want to be billed for any injuries that occur when they are on-site working on your roof? No? Then make sure they have insurance.

Do They Offer a Warranty on Their Work?

You must make sure they do offer some kind of warranty for the work they are going to carry out. If anything goes wrong and you aren’t covered at all, you may be expected to pay for repair work. Whereas, as long as you have reasonable warranty coverage, you will not have to pay any extra for work they need to carry out to repair your roof if issues occur.

Who is Will Be Doing the Work?

This may not immediately jump out at you as being a question you need to ask a roofer, because you may think that all roofing contractors handle all their work themselves. You’d be wrong, because often companies that take on a lot of contracts, they hire subcontractors to take care of them. This is something you will want to avoid because usually there is a big difference in the quality of work when it’s passed on to an external crew. Always make sure the company you are hiring will be handling the work on your roof. This also makes it easier to chase up repairs and any other issues you have with the work.

Do They Have a Physical Office?

With many businesses now operating predominantly online, it may not strike you as odd to see a company that doesn’t have a physical office. However, you need to be cautious because when the only way you can contact them is through a mobile number, it could mean they are fly-by-night contractors looking to take your money and then disappear without completing work.