Sustainable Construction Products

Sustainable Construction Products

No matter your beliefs with regards to the environment and man’s impact on it, green building practices offer benefits to individuals and businesses involved in the construction. Green building encompasses every aspect of construction, from the design by the architect, to the construction by the contractor; all steps taken are with the green initiative in mind. All of these building professionals use more sustainable construction practices to lessen the impact of the project on the community.

The Importance of Green Building

The ways a community develops and grows affects the condition of the surrounding environment. The way a building in the community is designed and constructed, where the products used in construction are manufactured and transported, and the way the building is operated after completion, will determine the volume and scope of environmental impact.

Sustainable Architecture

This term refers to green development or sustainable design. For example, environmentally sound housing, takes less from natural resources and gives more to the people of the community. An architect creates a design that is exceptionally energy efficient; made with all nontoxic finishes and/or recycled materials, operates off solar power, and is made with a green roof covered in greenery that reduces the cost of cooling the building and reduces the run-off of water.

Sustainable Construction

There are many ways that a builder or contractor will evaluate building materials to determine if they are the best choice for green building. According to Kalsi Engineering, among those considerations are the cost of maintaining or replacing the materials over the lifespan of the building, determining the improvement the materials will have on the health and productivity of the occupants, and how those materials will contribute to energy efficiency. In addition to the impact of the materials of the construction project, the contractor will also consider how the materials were made, whether any toxins were produced as a result of the manufacturing process, and how much energy is used to transport the materials to building location.

Building with recycled materials prevents using raw resources. Those that are sustainable, or can be replaced in a short period of time, have a much lower impact on the environment. They also prevent depleting our natural resources when they are used and can be obtained with minimal energy use.

Sustainable Use

A green building will have a reduced impact on human health and the environment throughout its life cycle. It operates with energy efficiency and helps conserve water and other natural resources. It also has a lower production of waste and pollution that will impact the environment in a negative way.

Benefits of Green Building

According to Kalsi Engineering (, using recycled materials and those made with the specific purpose of having a lower impact on the environment, results in buildings that are better for the health of its occupants, the environment, and the economy. The more building professionals implement green materials and designs into their construction projects, the greater the positive impact on the community, the country and beyond!