Making Your Home Business Greener

Making Your Home Business Greener

Whether you’re becoming more environmentally aware, or you’re looking for ways to cut back on business expenses, going green has many benefits. When you run an environmentally friendly business, it’s beneficial to the earth but can also serve as a great way to save money. According to New Century Financial, one of the nation’s leading business financing providers, something as simple as making sure to recycle or changing your office light bulbs can make a huge impact—not to mention a great impression on environmentally friendly consumers. Below, you’ll find a few ways you can make your home office green.

Going Paperless

One of the biggest methods for going green in the workplace is to go paperless. Businesses of all sizes use a great deal of paper and while it is necessary at times, a lot of it can be eliminated. By eliminating the amount of paper you’re using in the office, you can do your part to help the environment.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage sites are great solutions for small businesses that have a multitude of files that need to be managed. Rather than having all of this information stored in your filing cabinets, you could easily have it uploaded to your computer and stored online. Cloud storage sites allow you to access your business information from virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can store files, make changes, and even share this information with authorized users for improved collaboration and productivity.

Electronic Files

Whether it’s client intake forms, consumer information forms, or other types of documents, holding onto all of those papers can be a pain and also does nothing to help the environment. If you want to go green, consider using electronic files. Applications such as Adobe Acrobat allow users to create electronic forms. Information and signatures can be input electronically, preventing the need to print out forms and waste paper.


Snail mail certainly isn’t obsolete, but it does cost businesses a lot of money. According to New Century Financial (, the cost of letterhead, envelopes, and postage can really set your budget back. The best way to get information from one location to another is through emails. Emailing common or general correspondence saves on the cost of paper and postage. It also provides the added benefit of instant delivery. Correspondence can be sent with the click of a button and eliminates the 1-5 business day wait.

Shut Down Electronics Daily

Not too many people are aware of the fact that electronics that are plugged in (whether they’re turned off or on) will consume energy. The best way to cut down on electric costs and preserve the environment is to remember to shut down your electronics at the end of every workday. If your appliances are plugged into a power strip, it makes it easier to just unplug everything at once.

Switch Your Lighting

Still using the basic incandescent lighting in your office? Well now is a great time to consider investing in LED lighting instead. LED lights can save you a great deal of money on your energy bill. They give off more light than traditional light bulbs, they omit less heat, and they last ten times longer. LED lighting helps the environment while saving you money.

There are certainly other ways in which you can go green in the workplace, however, these three options are the simplest and require very little money. Going green is certainly worth the reward. Not only do you help the environment, but you can also save significantly on energy bills and other business expenses. You also have the added advantage of improving your reputation by showing your customers that you care about the environment.