Stunning Outdoor Firepit Design – The Perfect Garden Feature

Stunning Outdoor Firepit Design – The Perfect Garden Feature

We are luck in the USA and in Connecticut that we get plenty spells of beautiful weather. Being able to use our outdoor spaces is a delight in the warmer months, and there’s nothing better than sharing time outdoors with friends and family as the evening becomes darker and the night sky begins to light up. It’s even better when you have one of the best of all garden features to sit around – the fire pit!

Of course, fire pits are nothing new, but it took a while for them to become an accepted domestic feature. Now, however, they are simply a great feature that will enhance any garden, and one that add not only an attractive look but also serve a practical purpose in providing heat as the evening cools down.

Fire pits take many forms. You can buy readymade examples that you simply place in your chose spot, or you can choose to build one by either digging down and lining a hole with stone or brick. Perhaps the best and most attractive fire pits are those that stand above-ground, built up in circular or other form, that make for a very attractive item of garden furniture.

Safety First

However, there’s one thing you must consider when dealing with fire: safety. If you create a fire pit that does not burn correctly you may end up with a problem, and that’s why we recommend you contact a local outdoor firepit contractors who will use their expertise and knowledge to design and build the perfect firepit for you, and at surprisingly little cost. They will know the right materials to use, will advise on the best location and will also build in the right holes for airflow, providing you with the most efficient and effective fire every time you light it.

The importance of airflow cannot be stressed enough when building an outdoor firepit and nor can the positioning of the firepit, as if it is too close to a building or a fence you may find additional problems with regards to sparks from the fire itself. Also, remember never to leave a firepit untended with children around, as fire is a very dangerous thing unless treated with great care and attention.

Choosing Your Design

The choice of designs for outdoor firepits covers many different options and your local contractor will be able to offer you a choice of options that should cover all the bases. We prefer the above the ground circular designs as they look attractive, especially when clad with stone, but these are not limited to such a shape in any way.

If you have an idea you should talk to your contractor about it and see what they can come up with, and they will be more than happy to work with you on any unique touches you might want incorporated. A fire pit is a beautiful addition to any size or style of garden, so talk to the professionals now and see what you can get for your budget.