Why You Need to Keep Your Ducts Clean

Why You Need to Keep Your Ducts Clean

There are many systems in and around the home that we simply take for granted. The plumbing and electrical systems, for example, we simply leave to get on with their job, and then there’s the heating and air conditioning. The latter two often utilise a series of ducts that connect the main heating or extractor units to rooms around the home. These are important channels the need to be clear and open for the system to work properly. This is why you need your ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

Why do ducts need cleaning? Consider what the ducts do while you are going about your daily business. For both heating and a/c services they draw air through them all the time, either pulling it out of a room or pushing hot air in. This air – as with the air around us all the time – will be carrying particles of dust and dirt. This will naturally settle on some surfaces – including the insides of ducts. Now you may think that these tiny particles cause no bother, but in fact they can become a serious problem and more quickly than you think.

With debris settling inside ducts this also encourages bacteria and mold to settle and grow, causing even greater problems. The more debris you have settling in your ducts, thinner the passage becomes, hence you need to call a professional duct cleaning services provider to give your system a thorough clean. What is that actual problem, and what will happen if ducts are not cleaned?

The Potential Problem of Blocked Ducts

Your heating system will use a certain diameter of duct for a reason, this being the ideal size for the amount of air that needs to pass through for the system to do the job. Now consider that you have drastically reduced passages thanks to all the debris. The air does not get through in the right capacity, causing the main unit to have to work harder than it is intended for.

Believe us when we say this can be a very expensive problem. You air con or heating unit becomes overworked, and eventually burns out, and you need to buy a new one. That’s an expense you can do without but, as the ducts are hidden, it’s also one that you may not be aware is impending.

Furthermore, all that dust, debris and bacteria gathering in the dust will be expelled into the room. Anyone in your homes who suffers allergies or breathing problems will suffer, and it’s not a clean way to live. These problems are best dealt with by calling in your local duct cleaning service provider, even if you don’t know there is a problem.

They will survey the situation and check your network, and should it need cleaning will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for the work the needs to be done and attend to it in a professional manner using the latest cleaning techniques. Have your ducts checked regularly, as you never know what might get in there and cause problems.