Student Accommodation: What Are Your Options?

Student Accommodation: What Are Your Options?

One of the key factors in enjoying your life as a student is that of finding the right accommodation. All universities will be close to a wide variety of affordable and impressive housing – some old, some more modern – and wherever you choose to study you will need to look closely at the possibilities. You may want to take up a room in a house already occupied by students, or you could be looking for an apartment or house that you can make your own.

Of course, sharing is sometimes a more enjoyable experience when you are a student. It can be lonely when you are away from home, so to be able to have friends around who you can spend time with is something of a bonus. If you are one who prefers solitude, however, there are also options available for getting your own place, so we recommend you check out the available accommodation carefully.

So, what are your options when you are looking at student lets? For students at the University of Alabama, in the popular and wonderful city of Tuscaloosa, there is plenty of choice close to the campus, and also near to all the amenities you could possibly need.

Choice of Properties

If you are going to be studying at the University of Alabama we recommend you check out College Station Properties as they have been in the business of providing quality student property for many years. They have a selection of apartment complexes close to the campus and throughout the more popular and enjoyable parts of the city, and they can offer you a wide choice of floorplans, plus one, two and three bedroom apartments.

They offer excellent rates and a great deal including maintenance and quality attention to detail, and their properties are superbly presented in every way. Choose from those that are next to the campus, or perhaps others close to the football stadium – very attractive if you are a sporting fan – and all are within walking distance of the college, shops and other recreational amenities. There is something for everyone with College Station Properties, and they are more than happy to advise you on what is available within your budget.

Locally Owned

As College Station Properties is a locally owned outfit you get the benefit of their knowledge of Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area. Your student accommodation will be subject to monthly pest control measures, convenient for shops and eating out and some properties have covered parking. You will also find they provide access to swimming pools as part of the deal, plus a management team on hand to deal with any problems 24-hours a day.

There’s really nobody better to turn to when you are looking for your accommodation for your stay at the University of Alabama, so why not contact College Station Properties right away, and one of their team will be more than happy to deal with your enquiry and help you find the best accommodation for you.