4 Simple Tips For A Greener Home

4 Simple Tips For A Greener Home


Before the modern era of sleek, small cell phones, people used these clunky desktop phones that could only support one household member at a time. The phones were sometimes unreliable and the cords would get tangled all too easily. But things progressed. Manufacturers listened to users’ needs and developed a series of increasingly efficient iterations of the telephone.

This same progress has been happening with home features and appliances – manufacturers have strived to make things more efficient. Unlike phone users, however, homeowners have been a little slower to embrace these positive changes, and many homes still work on inefficient appliances. Whether you’re an environment enthusiast or simply want to shave a few dollars off your energy bill, following these four simple tips will kick your home into the modern era, making it greener and more efficient.

Water Efficient Faucets And Showerheads

Low-flow faucets and showerheads are all the rage among homeowners looking to curb their H20 usage. They either work by aerating the water or forcing the water through small holes, thereby maintaining the same amount of water pressure with less water. This way, you don’t have to worry about your morning shower being compromised. You’ll see the effects immediately on your water bill, so these simple appliances really do pay for themselves.

Replacement Windows

Choosing windows that meet or exceed the standard of Energy Star compliance can save you between $126 and $465 per year when compared to single pane windows – that’s no insignificant amount of money! Old, drafty windows are lousy at conserving heat (or AC), and you therefore have to increase the amount of energy you use just to regulate your home’s temperature. Vinyl windows don’t allow that to happen, offering durability against the elements as well as superior thermal protection; you can learn more about vinyl windows through the Ecotechwindows.ca website, as well as information about energy efficient doors.

LED Light Bulbs

You don’t need to replace every single bulb in your house, but even replacing the few most used fixtures with LED bulbs can result in a lower energy footprint (and a lower electricity bill). And not only do LED bulbs save energy, but since they last longer (3-25 times longer) they also save on wasted glass and other material. Put these lights to great effect in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room, where their specifically directional light can really shine (pun intended!).

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

This last one is not an appliance, but it bears mentioning. Cleaning products have made great progress in the last 30 years, and nowadays you can find eco-friendly products that you don’t have to feel bad about pouring down the drain. Read here about 2018’s best eco-friendly cleaning supplies, which make use of natural, plant-derived ingredients without sacrificing cleaning power.

As the world gears up to welcome yet another smartphone onto the market, think about the progress made in home appliances as well, and consider introducing one of these four products into your home. Best of all, you get to save the environment and save money, at the same time.