Six Ways To Cut Down On Office Costs

Six Ways To Cut Down On Office Costs

People are constantly coming up with different ways and ideas on how to save money at home, but why aren’t they seeking out ways they can save at the office? Besides home, you spend the most time at work and there are a few ways that you can cut back on spending without making it look or feel that way.

1. What Are You Paying For?

It is very easy to pay your Internet and phone bill every month with out even batting an eyelid. But this is an area where you can save a lot of money every month. If you run an office out of your home or have a small company, you should try to see if there is Vonage in my area. Vonage offers very low pricing for both local and long distance calls. They even offer international calling. Pay attention to how much you pay for Internet as well, if you run a small company, make sure you are not paying for more speed than you need.

2. Organize Your Supplies

You should keep all of your office supplies in one location. This helps in a couple ways. One it lets you keep en eye on inventory at basically anytime. Secondly it keeps you from making spur of the moment purchases when you think you are out of pens or paper. When you have to randomly go out to the store and buy these things you end up paying retail prices and not your wholesale prices.

3. Out With The Old

It is time to get rid of your paper filing system. There are many cheap alternatives like storage clouds that offer a lot of back up and immediate access. Going digital not only gets rid of your clutter, but also reduces the amount of money spent on ink and paper, which adds up quickly. Of course there are something’s that need to be in a hard copy, if you are printing be sure to recycle ink cartridges. That will also save you money.

4. Shut Everything Down

When you leave the office for the night make sure all of your employees are turning everything all the way off. Even when computers are in standby mode they are consuming energy. This also goes for things like the coffee pot and air conditioning. If it is not actively being used turn it off.

5. Lights

You can save a lot of money by switching the lights in your office. If you switch to more high-energy efficient bulbs you can cut yearly costs by a third, which translates to more money. Also shut the lights off in rooms that are not being used, this adds up to savings that you might not expect.

6. Get Everyone On Board

By having all of your employees helping out, you could brain storm more ideas possibly. It also helps if you let them know that saving money could lead to increase in their own pay. This often motivates your employees to join on the energy conservation.

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