How to Become That Customer the Energy Providers Hate – Featuring Window Treatments

How to Become That Customer the Energy Providers Hate – Featuring Window Treatments

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are based; we’re all victims of ludicrously high energy prices. Whether your home is powered by gas, electricity or a mixture of both – you’re going to be a victim. There was even a story earlier this year suggesting that the costs of heating a home with propane in the US would be 54% higher than this year than the previous one. We don’t need to say too much more about what this does to your monthly outgoings.

However, there is a way to hit back at the energy companies. Admittedly, they’re still going to be coining in huge profits, but you can make a difference and stay green at the same time. While we could create a list of 101 ways to achieve this, we’re specifically going to focus on window treatments this time around and just how these can crush your energy bills when the temperature drops.

Ever since the days of curtains being hung in every home in the neighborhood, we’ve been told about the benefits of window treatments in relation to energy usage. However, developments in the blinds industry over recent years has made it even easier to shed our gas or electricity usage.

Blinds providers have caught onto the fact that people will invest to ultimately slash their bills, and released products accordingly. Insulated blinds are arguably the biggest development in this regard and as the name suggests, they are designed to insulate a room and ultimately keep the heat locked in. To do this, they take advantage of a honeycomb shape, with some also including aluminum foil inside the cells to enhance the insulation. To go a step further, it’s even possible to purchase double insulated shades, which have two rows of the cells to again boost the overall effect.


The beauty about blinds is that you don’t necessarily have to spend the earth to net energy savings. It’s possible to benefit by just making small alterations to your way of life and it goes without saying that changes such as these don’t cost a dime.

For example, merely taking the time to close the blinds during the night and open them in the day is good enough to reap at least some reward. By doing this, you’ll be blocking out the cold during the evening, whilst allowing whatever sunlight which is prevalent during the day inside. Of course, minor changes will have to be made with this approach when necessary and depending on the level of light, it might even be more beneficial to keep the blinds closed for longer periods during the day from time-to-time.

Naturally, the major benefits are going to arrive when you invest in your window treatment – but don’t underestimate the smaller benefits such as the one noted in the previous paragraph. If your winter bill does happen to hike by over 50%, it is actions such as the above which will make your gas account much more manageable.