Saving Mother Earth: Why Green Remodeling is on the Rise

Saving Mother Earth: Why Green Remodeling is on the Rise

An official Earth Day is observed, yet people and businesses should be mindful of saving the planet each day of the year.  Particular applications help homeowners and businesses ‘go green.’  For example, homeowners may remodel and upgrade equipment in their home, and businesses consider ways to save on resources and electricity.

Green remodeling is on the rise.  Read reasons why you need to follow the rising tide of supporters

Vindication for Homeowner Behavior

Other than a call to duty, why are homeowners rushing to make modifications to existing homes?  Actually, new homeowners are making changes as well; one-third of those buying new homes make green decisions regarding 60% of projects.  So, why the popularity of green mindedness?

Energy costs are on the rise, there is little evidence of things changing in the future.  To curb costs, homeowners modify behavior and lessen the amount of energy households consume.  Additionally, due to EPA mandates and changing laws, contractors must exercise green methods of building.

Moreover, the methods and resources used by building and HVAC contractors are becoming more affordable to existing and new homeowners.  Over 70% of contractors report those buying new homes are paying more for greener options.  Of course, associated costs are only expensive upfront; running an efficient home means spending less on equipment and enjoying lower utility costs throughout the year.

Popular and Green Projects

What kinds of projects are most popular with new and existing homeowners?  Energy efficient water heaters, appliances, and utility fixtures are in high demand.  Owners ask for houses be made of durable materials like prefabricated or engineered wood in addition to reclaimed or reused products.  California is currently in a crisis regarding its water supply, yet people in all states are practicing water efficiency via special fixtures and appliances.

Companies Make it Their Business to Go Green

Businesses are attracted by government kickbacks and incentives to go green as external and internal projects are underway.  For example, in-office countertops and tiles include post-consumer recycled content.  Companies are saving the Earth with such decisions in addition to producing less harmful emissions.  Many renovation projects involve installing new fixtures on top of older ones, so there is less construction waste involved.

Additionally, bamboo is replacing less environmentally-friendly materials and being placed on floors.  Since, bamboo grows incessantly, it’s considered a renewable resource, has no negative impacts on the environment, and growing more popular to regarding in-office cabinetry.

Green is the New Standard

More building codes and programs inspire the decisions of homeowners and businesses.  For many businesses emerging or moving from previous locations, new standards make green decisions mandatory or limit previously-conceived options.  Geothermal energy, heat below the surface of the Earth, is manipulated to produce clean and renewable sources of energy.  In addition to producing ceaseless energy, the process involves little or no greenhouse gas emission.  The Department of Energy is very interested in making the practice regular with businesses and associated building contractors.  Going green is no longer for those especially interested in saving the environment.  Thanks to progressive laws and contractors, making green decisions is becoming the norm for homeowners and businesses.

Richard K. Bare works as a environmental engineer. He loves sharing his insights on saving our planet. His articles can be found mainly on green living and family websites.