How to Make a Large Bathroom feel Smaller

How to Make a Large Bathroom feel Smaller

There’s plenty of advice for those who want to make their small bathrooms feel larger, but some people have the exact opposite problem. After all, a bathroom should feel a little more intimate than other rooms, and larger ones run the risk of appearing too empty and open.

Just follow these tips to make that space feel more inviting.

Choose the Right Colours

Bathrooms are often on the small side, so they usually feature lighter, softer shades in order to make them feel more open. However, a larger bathroom can handle darker shades. Using darker colours will make the room seem both smaller and more luxurious.

If you’d prefer to keep it light, try painting the walls up to only half the height of the ceiling. This will trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is lower than it actually is, making the room itself feel less sprawling.

Fill Vertical Height

Larger bathrooms often have higher ceilings. If this is the case, try to fill up that excess vertical space, especially around the corners. People often use tall potted plants in other rooms, but keeping these in your bathroom can be tough.

Instead, consider buying taller, thinner cabinets, and look for decorations with roughly the same dimensions. One good trick is to pick up a full-length floor mirror and prop it up in one of your unused corners.

Eliminate Dead Space (the Right Way)

An excess of unused space will naturally make a larger room feel far too empty and desolate. However, you want to avoid adding clutter simply to try and prevent this problem from occurring. The best thing to do is include larger items you wouldn’t normally find in a bathroom.

For example, a wooden chair might be too big for a normal bathroom, but it can help make a larger one feel fuller, while also giving you somewhere useful to put your clothes while you wash and dry yourself.

Filling up a large bathroom to make it feel cosier can seem a little daunting, but all it takes is an understanding of the right tricks.